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[Tokyo 東京] Kioicho Mitani 紀尾井町 三谷

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紀尾井町 三谷 Mitani Kioicho

Add: 3F Kioicho Terrace, 1-3 Kioicho, Chiyoda, Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-6256-9566
Hours: lunch and dinner
Price: ~32,000 yen
Visited: Sep 2018

There are certain sushi restaurants in Tokyo that are simply impossible to book, such as Yotsuya Mitani. This tiny 9-seat sushi bar serves dinner only, and the next opening – even if you are introduced by a frequent customer – is apparently 2 years away. Fortunately for those who are eager to get a taste of what Mitani is about, a sister restaurant was opened two years ago in Kioicho. While dinner reservations here also need to be made months in advance, lunch is much easier…(reservation available via

東京有一些永遠訂不到的壽司店,四ツ谷的三谷(Yotsuya Mitani)就是其中一家。這小小的9人座壽司吧只有晚餐營業,不僅必須通過介紹人才能預約,而且即是如此都要等到兩年後才有位子,是個不可能的任務。不過兩年多前三谷在紀尾井町開了分店,雖然晚餐的訂位也是要到好幾個月後了,但是午餐顯然比較容易,朋友順利幫我訂到了位子。


Mitani Kioicho is larger than the original restaurant, with a bar that seats 12 and a private room that accomodates 4-6. I went by myself for lunch, and was seated at the corner to be served by head chef Takano-san (the gentleman in glasses in the photo below).



If I understood his Japanese correctly, Takano-san had been working with Mitani-san for years in another restaurant before Mitani Yotsuya opened. After yet a few more years together at Mitani Yotsuya, Takano-san was entrusted with the responsibility of heading up the sister restaurant when it opened two years ago. Bonus point: not only is Takano-san chatty and all smiles, he also speaks some English so no worries if you don’t understand Japanese.

如果我日文理解沒有錯誤的話,高野師傅在三谷師傅開店前就和他一起工作多年,稱他爲自己的 “master”。後來在四ツ谷三谷工作數年後,來到在紀尾井町三谷擔任店長一職,是位功力紮實、非常健談的一位壽司師傅,聊天時總是笑容滿面。他會說一些簡單的英語,完全不會日語的食客也不需要太擔心。


First came a clear soup of clams with uni from Rishiri Island, Hokkaido. Naturally sweet and full of umami, a most charming start to a meal.



Kioicho Mitani 紀尾井町 三谷

Next came two pieces of ruby red bonito, the skin slightly torched for an extra layer of fragrance.


Kioicho Mitani 紀尾井町 三谷

Sanma from Nemuro, Hokkaido, with a sauce made from its liver.


Kioicho Mitani 紀尾井町 三谷

A gentle and soothing soup made from the meat and roe of Hokkaido hairy crabs.


Kioicho Mitani 紀尾井町 三谷

Kioicho Mitani 紀尾井町 三谷

Next came shark fin with chopped tuna, which posed quite a challenge for me…Lesson learned – specify no shark fin next time when asked if I have any allergies or things I don’t eat.


Kioicho Mitani 紀尾井町 三谷

Uni rice with salmon roe broth. Uni + salmon roe broth + sushi rice = pure bliss.


Kioicho Mitani 紀尾井町 三谷

Kioicho Mitani 紀尾井町 三谷

Next came the nigiri sushi. Do note that at Mitani, the sushi is usually placed directly in the customer’s hand, but I had requested the chef to use the wooden plate for photography purposes. First up: white shrimp.


Kioicho Mitani 紀尾井町 三谷

White squid.


Kioicho Mitani 紀尾井町 三谷

Sea bream.


Kioicho Mitani 紀尾井町 三谷

Akami marinated in soy sauce, unbelievably soft.


Kioicho Mitani 紀尾井町 三谷

Slightly torched otoro. Surprisingly, the texture was not melt-in-the-mouth as expected, but rather sturdy (in a good way).


Kioicho Mitani 紀尾井町 三谷



Kioicho Mitani 紀尾井町 三谷



Kioicho Mitani 紀尾井町 三谷

Hard clam.


Kioicho Mitani 紀尾井町 三谷

And finally, amadai. Since this fish is extremely tender and falls apart very easily, Takano-san asked me to take a photo of it in his hand rather than on the wooden plate. That incredibly tender texture! An amazing end to the procession of nigiri sushi.


Kioicho Mitani 紀尾井町 三谷

Kioicho Mitani 紀尾井町 三谷

After the nigiri sushi came the makis, starting with the otoro.


Kioicho Mitani 紀尾井町 三谷

Then, a kampyo maki (dried shavings of calabash), two wrapped with fried tofu skin and one left as is so I could try both flavors (but actually, they were both way too salty for my appreciation…)


Kioicho Mitani 紀尾井町 三谷

Then, a most charming tamagoyaki (look at all the layers!)


Kioicho Mitani 紀尾井町 三谷

The meal ended with a sweet and sour pickled plum.


Kioicho Mitani 紀尾井町 三谷

This meal at Mitani Kioicho was truly superb, but it doesn’t come cheap – lunch and dinner are both priced at around 32,000 yen, and wine pairing will cost you extra (I didn’t try this as I had a cocktail tasting scheduled right after lunch…but judging from what I saw on the table, there are some really nice bottles here). Sure it’s expensive, but considering that Shanghai now has some random sushi shop charging 2000 RMB for a meal, I’d much rather spend that money in Tokyo.

紀尾井町三谷的料理非常精彩,當然價格也不菲,午餐和晚餐一樣都是 32,000 日元左右。雖然昂貴,不過老實說上海現在也有不少隨便開價就是 2000 人民幣的壽司店,相較之下,我更願意在東京吃。

Note:紀尾井町三谷有餐酒搭配,除了清酒之外(看到好多瓶十四代),也有不少厲害的葡萄酒。我由于午餐之後還約了 cocktail tasting 所以沒有配酒,有興趣的人,可以了解一下。

Kioicho Mitani 紀尾井町 三谷


 Mitani Kioicho

地址:千代田區 紀尾井町 1-2 紀尾井テラス 3F
營業時間:午間 晚間皆可
價位:約 32,000 日幣


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