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[Tokyo 東京] AMAN TOKYO 東京安缦

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Add: The Otemachi Tower, 1-5-6 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03 5224 3333
Price: afternoon tea 4600 yen +15%+8%
Visited: Sep 2018

Please note that this was an invited tasting.

I’ve been seeing too many beautiful photos of Aman Tokyo since it opened at the end of 2014 (has it really been almost four years?). So of course, it was with high expectations when I finally set foot on this property during a recent trip to Tokyo…

自東京安缦2014年底開幕以來(什麽,已經快四年了?),我就一直陸陸續續看到有關它的報道。這次去東京,終于踏了進去。 (better late than never, right?)

Aman Tokyo afternoon tea 東京安縵下午茶

The hotel is located in the financial district of Otemachi, up on the 33-38th floors of The Otemachi Tower. It’s only a five-minute walk from Tokyo Station, making it THE most centrally located Aman resort in the world. So convenient that it was almost disorienting, given that all the previous Aman resorts are known to be placed in relatively remote locations.


Aman Tokyo afternoon tea 東京安縵下午茶

Through a low-key entrance and an elevator ride later, a friend and I reached the lobby on the 33rd floor. Designed by Kerry Hill Architects, the hotel is a blend of traditional Japanese design with contemporary flair. Classic Japanese materials such as camphor wood, washi paper and stones are employed to create a calming oasis amidst the dizzying Tokyo city center.

經過一如既往低調的入口後上到33樓的大堂,一切豁然開朗。東京安缦由 Kerry Hill Architects 所設計,運用了充足的自然光以及日本本土素材 – 樟木、和紙、山石 – 來打造這座繁忙城市中的禪意綠洲。

Aman Tokyo afternoon tea 東京安縵下午茶

The most eye-catching centerpiece of the lobby is the 6-floor-high ceiling, created using layers of washi paper and shoji frame. Natural light diffuses through the washi paper into the grand lobby, giving it a soft and gently illuminated look.


DSC01581Aman Tokyo afternoon tea 東京安縵下午茶

At the center of the lobby is a pond of tranquil water, reflecting blue skies outside the windows (I was fortunate to have perfect weather on the day of my visit).




Compared to the other Aman resorts I’ve visited in the past, Aman Tokyo is certainly the busiest, though as far as city hotels go, it still manages to maintain a relatively composed ambience.


Aman Tokyo afternoon tea 東京安縵下午茶

Further in is the AMAN Lounge, occupied mostly by afternoon tea-drinkers at this hour. Apparently the “Black Afternoon Tea” at Aman Tokyo is so popular that the hotel extended afternoon tea service to the morning as well, in order to accommodate all the avid guests.

大堂再往內就是 AMAN Lounge,下午時刻坐了不少前來喝下午茶的客人們。聽說東京安縵的 “黑色下午茶” 非常出名,爲了讓更多客人能夠嘗到,酒店還把下午茶時段提早到11:30am 開始…(上午茶?)

Aman Tokyo afternoon tea 東京安縵下午茶

Aman Tokyo afternoon tea 東京安縵下午茶

As window seats at the Lounge were completely full, the hotel staff arranged for us to sit by the window inside the Library, so we can enjoy some natural light and view as well. Besides us, there were only three other Japanese ladies having tea in the same space, making it feel extra quiet and intimate.

Lounge 的窗邊座位已經客滿,服務人員特別將我和朋友安排在非常安靜的 Library,讓我們也能享受到充足的自然光。空間裏除了我們之外,還有三位日本太太在喝下午茶,氣氛輕松優雅。

Aman Tokyo afternoon tea 東京安縵下午茶

Aman Tokyo afternoon tea 東京安縵下午茶

For information, “Black Afternoon Tea” by Aman Tokyo is priced at 4600 yen per person, plus 15% service charge and 8% tax.

東京安缦 “Black Afternoon Tea” 一人份價格是4600日元,另加上15%服務費以及8%消費稅。

Aman Tokyo afternoon tea 東京安縵下午茶

First, the waiter brought over a box full of…



What a lovely presentation! Raise your hand if you also want to just grab the box and go.


Aman Tokyo afternoon tea 東京安縵下午茶

The waiter placed the mini pastries of our choice on the three-tier stand, and presented us a glass of passion fruit orange soup with champagne espuma. It’s still uncomfortably hot in Tokyo during September, so a refreshing glass like this upon arrival was quite a brilliant idea.


Aman Tokyo afternoon tea 東京安縵下午茶

From the bottom up: savories, sweets, and a chocolate box filled with fruits and pate-de-fruits.


Aman Tokyo afternoon tea 東京安縵下午茶

There are also plain and matcha adzuki beans scones, served with clotted cream and house-made jams.

除了三層小鹹點和小甜點之外,還有原味和紅豆抹茶味的松餅,搭配 clotted cream 和自制果醬。

Aman Tokyo afternoon tea 東京安縵下午茶

We shared a pot of summer darjeeling and exotic bijou iced tea, both of which could be refilled unlimitedly, though I suppose one can only take so much liquid in one afternoon…

朋友選擇了香氣雅致的夏日大吉嶺,我則嚐了帶有熱帶水果風味的 Exotic Bijou 冰茶。飲品部分似乎都是可以無限續加的,不過老實說也喝不了那麽多啦。

Aman Tokyo afternoon tea 東京安縵下午茶

Aman Tokyo afternoon tea 東京安縵下午茶

So, how did the black afternoon tea actually taste? To be honest, the pastries themselves were not especially impressive, but I still enjoyed the afternoon tea experience for the beautiful space and intimate ambience.

那麽,東京安缦的下午茶到底好不好吃呢?老實說食物並不令人驚豔,但它贏在了那美麗舒適的空間,以及能讓我和朋友輕松聊天的私密氛圍(我們所在的 Library,要比下面圖片裏的 Lounge 還要安靜不少)。

Aman Tokyo afternoon tea 東京安縵下午茶

Aman Tokyo afternoon tea 東京安縵下午茶

After finishing our tea, we kindly asked to see a hotel room (just because…why not?) Though the room we visited was merely an entry level room, it’s at a whopping 71 sqm, which is beyond luxurious for a city like Tokyo where space is always at a premium.


Aman Tokyo 東京安縵

Aman Tokyo 東京安縵

Through the large windows, there are scenic views of the Imperial Palace Gardens and surrounding landmarks.


Aman Tokyo 東京安縵

A Japanese-style bathtub is placed right by the window, for those who’d like to have a good soak with a good view. There’s also floor heating in the bathroom, which is no doubt a godsend during winter days.


Aman Tokyo 東京安縵

Aman Tokyo 東京安縵

Even the post-its are extra cute in Japan, le sigh.


Aman Tokyo 東京安縵

Beautiful, isn’t it? Though I haven’t planned my next Tokyo trip yet, I couldn’t help but dream about staying here for a few nights in the near future…




地址:東京千代田區 大手町1-5-6 大手町大廈
電話: 03 5224 3333
價位:下午茶 4600 日幣 +15% + 8%

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