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[Shanghai] Shintori 新都里

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Shintori 新都里

Add: 803 Julu Rd, near Fumin Lu / 巨鹿路803號, 近富民路
Tel: 54045252
Hours: [Mon-Fri] 5:30-10:30pm, [Sat-Sun] 11:30am-2pm, 5-10:30pm
Price: 300 RMB/person
Visited on: Aug 2010

Easily missed by passerby, Shintori is a Japanese fusion restaurant hidden behind an unmarked doorway on Julu Lu. Follow the bamboo-lined path and you will arrive at a minimalist warehouse with lofty ceilings, fully-open kitchen, and polished concrete interior. With the hip decor and delicious food, Shintori is a great place to impress out-of-town guests.

The bamboo path by day and by night.

The quality at Shintori is very consistent and I tend to order similar dishes everytime –  鵝肝煮蘿蔔 (foie gras on radish), 新都里石鍋拌飯(Shintori stone pot rice), 烤銀鱈魚 (grilled cod), 三文魚蒸飯 (salmon steamed rice), and 抹茶提拉米蘇 (green tea tiramisu).  牛肉壽喜燒 (sukiyaki) is a popular dish as well.

Amuse-bouche, chilled noodle in sesame sauce, beef (not the exact names…)

Shintori stone pot rice, butter mushrooms, grilled cod.

勺勺甜點 (assorted desserts).

The foie gras on radish and the Shintori stone pot rice are two all-time favorites of mine. The foie gras is seared perfectly in Japanese sauce, and the combination with slow-cooked radish makes it an excellent alternative to the usual western way of preparation.  The Shintori stone pot rice sizzles as it is brought to the table, and has just the right amount of burnt rice crust on the bottom when the waiter mixes it up for you. The crunchy burnt rice, the perfectly flavored miso glaze, the tender codfish, the sizzle…sss…so good.

Pay a visit to the restroom before you leave.

The portions are admittedly small so you need to order quite a few to fill your belly. Some people complain that the price/performance ratio at Shintori isn’t high enough, but keep in mind that you are also paying for the chic presentation and ambiance.

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