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[Tokyo 東京] AMAN TOKYO 東京安缦

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Add: The Otemachi Tower, 1-5-6 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03 5224 3333
Price: afternoon tea 4600 yen +15%+8%
Visited: Sep 2018

Please note that this was an invited tasting.

I’ve been seeing too many beautiful photos of Aman Tokyo since it opened at the end of 2014 (has it really been almost four years?). So of course, it was with high expectations when I finally set foot on this property during a recent trip to Tokyo…

自東京安缦2014年底開幕以來(什麽,已經快四年了?),我就一直陸陸續續看到有關它的報道。這次去東京,終于踏了進去。 (better late than never, right?)

Aman Tokyo afternoon tea 東京安縵下午茶

The hotel is located in the financial district of Otemachi, up on the 33-38th floors of The Otemachi Tower. It’s only a five-minute walk from Tokyo Station, making it THE most centrally located Aman resort in the world. So convenient that it was almost disorienting, given that all the previous Aman resorts are known to be placed in relatively remote locations.


Aman Tokyo afternoon tea 東京安縵下午茶

Through a low-key entrance and an elevator ride later, a friend and I reached the lobby on the 33rd floor. Designed by Kerry Hill Architects, the hotel is a blend of traditional Japanese design with contemporary flair. Classic Japanese materials such as camphor wood, washi paper and stones are employed to create a calming oasis amidst the dizzying Tokyo city center.

經過一如既往低調的入口後上到33樓的大堂,一切豁然開朗。東京安缦由 Kerry Hill Architects 所設計,運用了充足的自然光以及日本本土素材 – 樟木、和紙、山石 – 來打造這座繁忙城市中的禪意綠洲。

Aman Tokyo afternoon tea 東京安縵下午茶

The most eye-catching centerpiece of the lobby is the 6-floor-high ceiling, created using layers of washi paper and shoji frame. Natural light diffuses through the washi paper into the grand lobby, giving it a soft and gently illuminated look.


DSC01581Aman Tokyo afternoon tea 東京安縵下午茶

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September 23rd, 2018 at 6:21 pm

[Tokyo 東京] bricolage bread & co.

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bricolage bread & co.

Add: Keyakizaka Terrace, Roppongi 6-15-1 , Minato-ku
Tel: 03 6804 3350
Hours: [bakery] 11am-8pm [cafe/Dining] 9am-8pm (closed on Mon)
Visited: Sep 2018

There’s a beautiful new bakery in Roppongi called bricolage bread & co., and here’s why you should visit: the team behind the project consists of Shinobu Namae of L’Effervescence (two Michelin star restaurant in Tokyo), Ayumu Iwanaga of Le Sucré-Coeur (famed bakery in Osaka), and Kenji Kojima of Fuglen (popular cafe/bar in Oslo/Tokyo). An all star team to say the least, and it’s no wonder that bricolage bread & co. instantly became the hotspot as soon as it opened.

今年六月,東京六本木開了一家美得有點犯規的麵包店 – bricolage bread & co.,幕後推手是大阪知名烘培店 Le Sucré-Coeur 岩永歩,東京米其林二星 L’Effervescence 料理長生江史伸,以及 Fuglen Tokyo 小島賢治。如此驚人的組合,也難怪這家店會一炮而紅。

bricolage bread & co. tokyo

bricolage bread & co. tokyo

bricolage bread & co. tokyo

Bricolage is the French word for “do it yourself”, and that’s the concept at heart of this bakery. All breads are made using local Japanese flour, and these freshly baked wonders are paired with glorious coffee from none other than Fuglen.

Bricolage 是法語,可以翻譯成 “do it yourself”,也就是 “用自己的雙手創造” 的意思。這正是 bricolage bread & co. 的品牌理念,他們堅持使用國産小麥,由團隊親自至各産地挑選,再將新鮮烘焙出的面包佐以 Fuglen 的美妙咖啡。

bricolage bread & co. tokyo

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September 23rd, 2018 at 2:52 pm

[Tokyo 東京] Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills 東京虎之門丘安達仕

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Andaz Tokyo Toranomon

Add: 1-23-4, Toranomon, Minato-ku , Tokyo
Tel: +81 3 6830 1234
Price: from 70,000 yen/night
Visited: Sep 2018

Attracted to Andaz Tokyo’s sleek design and stunning views of the city skyline, I’ve been eyeing this hotel since it opened back in June 2014…and finally had a chance to stay there on a recent trip to Tokyo. The hotel sits on the top six floors of the 52-story Toranomon Hills skyscraper, located between Tokyo Tower and the Imperial Palace. It’s not far from Ginza and is just a 5-minute walk from the nearest metro, making it quite convenient especially for business and leisure travelers alike.

東京虎之門丘安達仕酒店在2014年6月開幕時,我就被它的漂亮設計以及能遠眺東京鐵塔的無敵夜景給吸引了,最近一次去東京終於有機會入住。先來看看地點:在東京鐵塔以及皇居中間的虎之門丘Toranomon Hills最高6層樓,最靠近的地鐵走路5-10分鐘可到達,對商業旅客或遊客來說都算方便。



As you might already know, Andaz is the luxury lifestyle hotel subsidiary of the Hyatt group known for integrating local elements into a hotel’s décor, and this theme is apparent right when one steps into the Tokyo Andaz lobby on the 51st floor. Designed by Tony Chi of New York and the Tokyo-based Shinichiro Ogata from SIMPLICITY (who, incidentally, is also the founder of one of my favorite spaces in Tokyo – Yakumo Saryo), Andaz Tokyo incorporates Japanese elements such as washi paper and walnut wood throughout the space.

安達仕是Hyatt集團旗下的奢華生活方式酒店品牌,著重於將當地文化融入設計之中。這份用心在踏入東京安達仕52樓大堂的那一刻就可以感受到 – 由紐約設計師Tony Chi以及日本SIMPLICITY的緒方慎一郎共同設計的空間裡融入了日本特有的和紙、當地產的胡桃木等材質,讓客人瞬間體會到在地文化的魅力。(順帶一提,我非常愛的八雲茶寮也是緒方慎一郎設計的。)



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September 23rd, 2018 at 7:17 am

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[Tokyo 東京] フロリレージュ Florilège

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フロリレージュ Florilège

Add:B1 SEIZAN Gaien, 2-5-4, Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
Price:[lunch] 7,000 yen [dinner] 13,000 yen (+tax and service charge)
Visited:Sep 2018

I’ve been hearing such great things about Florilège (2 Michelin stars and #3 in Asian’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018) in the past two years that, as soon as my most recent Tokyo trip was confirmed, I made it top priority to reserve a much coveted seat at this French-inspired restaurant in Jingumae. Thanks to the wonderful Ms. J of TastyTrip, I was able to bypass the online waitlist and get a pretty last minute reservation at lunch. (Merci! Bisous!)

這家位于神宮前的法式餐廳 Florilège 近幾年聲名大噪(米其林二星,亞洲50最佳餐廳排名第三),我想去好一陣子了。這次東京之行來的突然,想訂位時已經全部客滿,還好拖了朋友的福(謝謝 TastyTrip 的 J 小姐),非常臨時地幫我訂到了午餐位子。


Florilège is the French word for “anthology”, a collection of beautiful poems like flowers. Chef/owner Hiroyasu Kawate purposefully picked this word as he believes that a restaurant isn’t the work of any one single person, but rather is a collection of respect and passion by the producers and chefs, and also warm support by others.

Florilège 的意思是 “如花般優美的詩集”。如此詩情畫意的名字,爲主廚/老板川手寬康所取 – 因爲餐廳不可能由一人完成,需要很多人一起努力…“我希望,Florilège 是與團隊共同譜寫的詩篇。” 哎呀,還沒嚐到到他的料理,已經有點感動了。


Chef Kawate was born into the restaurant business – his father ran a western-style restaurant, his older brother works a Chinese cuisine chef, and his younger brother as a sushi chef. I read in an earlier interview in which chef Kawate joked that he knew, since kindergarten, that when he grows up he would either become a chef or Anpanman (laughs). After spending his formative kitchen years in France, he returned to Tokyo, passing through legendary establishments like Quintessence (which I visited and was blown away by over 7 years ago…oh my) where he worked as sous chef, before launching his own restaurant in 2009.

川手主廚成長於餐飲業家族,父親是西餐廚師,哥哥是中菜師傅,表弟是壽司廚師。之前他在接受某訪問時曾笑稱 “幼稚園時就知道,自己長大後不是做廚師,就是成爲面包超人”。他赴法習藝回到東京後在鼎鼎大名的 Quintessence 擔任副主廚,並于 2009 年開出了自己的餐廳。


The design of Florilège is not unlike that of a theater, with the open kitchen as the main stage, and 16 spectator seats surrounding it (a private room that seats 6 is also available). The fluidity between the kitchen and the tables allow chefs to flow freely in between, presenting freshly-plated dishes to the amused guests.

餐廳的設計像劇場般,共有22個座位圍繞著開放式廚房,廚師完成料理後直接將盤子遞給客人並做解說。川手主廚說這個不分內外場的空間是他所想要的一體感 – 客人與廚房、廚房與食材,整個餐廳與用餐體驗是連成一線的。


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September 21st, 2018 at 3:01 am

[Shanghai 上海] The Middle House 鏞舍

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The Middle House

Add: 366, Shimenyilu, Shanghai
Tel: 3216 8199
Price: soft-opening price 2300 RMB and up

I’ve actually visited The Middle House once when it first soft-opened earlier this year, but at the time it didn’t feel ready. A few months later, I came back for a solo staycation, and was swooned away by both the hotel facilities and the smooth service. As the bellboy opened the door for me with a warm smile, saying “welcome home” instead of “welcome to the hotel”, I realized that I’ve fallen quite in love with this place.

其實早在镛舍剛試營業時我就悄悄來逛過一次,但當時感覺還有些生硬,未讓我有 “啊,好想立刻住進來“ 的念頭。時隔幾個月再訪,這裏的一切都變得柔順流暢…當bellboy邊開門邊用溫暖的微笑跟我說 “歡迎回家” 時,我就發現自己喜歡上這裏了。


After Hong Kong, Beijing, and Chengdu, the Taikoo Group debuted their fourth member of the House Collectives – The Middle House, Shanghai. The location is next to the newly opened Taikoo Mall (doesn’t get much more convenient than that), with architecture and interior design done by Piero Lissoni, who created a tranquil space that’s especially precious in the hectic West Nanjing Road area.

繼香港、北京、成都之後,太古集團在上海開出了他們居舍系列的第四間作品 – The Middle House 镛舍。地點位于極方便的上海興業太古會,設計由意大利名設計師 Piero Lissoni 操刀,空間靜谧安逸,在南京西路這繁忙地帶裏更顯得難得。

Shanghai Middle House 上海 鏞舍

Shanghai Middle House 上海 鏞舍

Piero Lissoni employed his signature contemporary style to The Middle House, meshing Italian elements with local Shanghai flavors.

Piero Lissoni 是 Lissoni Architettura 的創始人,他糅合了意大利風格以及上海本土元素,並將自己一貫的簡潔線條和輪廓沿用到镛舍的設計上。

Shanghai Middle House 上海 鏞舍

Shanghai Middle House 上海 鏞舍

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August 31st, 2018 at 9:15 am

[Shanghai 上海] årgang

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Add: somewhere on Changle Road
Wechat: SYSH_100_4
Weibo: 實驗上海-Annie
Hours: reservation only via Wechat / Weibo
Price: drinks 35-40 RMB
Visited: Jul 2018

To discover årgang, you would have to wander down a residential alleyway on Changle Road and push open that half-closed white door at the very end. You would know that you are at the right place as soon as you hear jazz notes floating in the air, followed by that glorious, glorious small of freshly brewed coffee.




The owners of this tiny cafe are Annie and Ray, a young couple known for their obsession with Nordic designs. The space is certainly true to its name “årgang” (which means vintage in Danish) as it’s filled 60’s and 70’s Scandinavian designs, from table to chairs to coffee cups to flower vases…

Note: it just so happens that the “a” and “r” in “årgang” also corresponds to Annie and Ray, while “gang” literally means together. A lovely coincidence indeed.

這是剛剛開幕的北歐小咖啡館 årgang。主理人是一對瘋狂著迷于北歐設計的年輕夫妻 – Annie 負責咖啡,Ray 負責音樂,空間由兩人共同設計,將北歐的元素自然而然地融入在每個角落。

注:由于喜歡古董 / 二手家具,Annie 和 Ray 將咖啡館取名爲 “årgang”,在丹麥語裏是 “vintage” 的意思。正好 a = Annie,r = Ray,gang = “一起” ,是個美好的巧合。

Shanghai årgang 上海


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July 9th, 2018 at 4:19 pm

[Shanghai 上海] Oxalis 歐社

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Add: 1-3 Maojiayuan Road 毛家園路1-3號
Tel: 6080 2918
Hours: [lunch] 12-2:30pm [weekend brunch] 12-3pm [dinner] 6-10pm
Price: [brunch] 200-250 RMB [dinner] 300-400 RMB
Visited: Jul 2018

Shanghai has plenty of spots that do brunch, but this new one right here has got my heart. The location is slightly off – at South Bund on the first floor of the Waterhouse Hotel – but weekends are meant to be spent going after good food anyway, no?


shanghai oxalis 上海

You probably have already noticed that this location used to be Table No. 1. Yes, that space previously occupied by Jason Atherton & Co. have been taken over by Jonas Noël, and he has since changed the restaurant name to Oxalis. Jonas might be young, but he already boasts an impressive CV – he started off at Michel Bras (3 Michelin stars, France), subsequently honed his skills at Bagatelle (2 Michelin stars, Norway), then made his way to Asia, first at Caprice (3 Michelin stars, Hong Kong), then eventually became the sous chef at L’Atelier de Joël Robouchon (2 Michelin stars, Shanghai).

Note: oxalis is the first type of edible herb that Jonas found while foraging for Restaurant Bras.

眼尖的讀者應該馬上就發現這是之前 Table No. 1 的位置。是的,這地方最近換了新主廚 Jonas Noël,名字也改成了 Oxalis(中文名:歐社)。Jonas 雖然年輕,但擁有相當華麗的履曆 – 他早年師從法國名廚 Michel Bras,隨後在挪威米其林二星 Bagatelle 經曆了北歐料理的洗禮,五年前來到亞洲,先待了香港三星 Caprice,然後在上海二星 L’Atelier de Joël Robouchon 擔任 sous chef 一職。

注:Oxalis 是種酸酸甜甜的酢漿草,是 Jonas 當年在 Restaurant Bras 工作時出外采集的第一株食用香草。

shanghai oxalis 上海

shanghai oxalis 上海

All those big names aside, Jonas’ cuisine is indeed excellent. I’d been to dinner at Oxalis once, and as I was very happy with what I tasted, decided to come back for the recently-launched brunch menu. (Incidentally, the Oxalis space, in my personal opinion, is also much more agreeable during day light than after dark.) Perhaps because of its off-the-path location, or because the news about its new chef / concept hasn’t gone out yet, the restaurant wasn’t packed during brunch time. Not ideal for the restaurant, but perfect for me as I thoroughly enjoy the laid-back atmosphere.

必須說,Jonas 的料理是真的好吃。之前已試過晚餐(非常滿意),所以這次又回來嚐嚐早午餐(還是喜歡這個空間充滿自然光的樣子)。可能因爲餐廳位置有些偏,換主廚的消息也還沒傳得太開,Oxalis 周末並沒有客滿。唔,這對餐廳來說可能不是件好事,但我倒是非常開心可以在如此悠閑安靜的環境慢慢享受周末…

shanghai oxalis 上海

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[Shanghai 上海] Luneurs

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Add: #107, Building B, Xinfuli, #67 Xinfu Lu
Tel: N/A
Hours: 8am-8pm (closed on Mondays during soft opening)
Price: breads & desserts 30-45 RMB, drinks 25-40 RMB
Visited: Jun 2018

The truth: it is no longer possible for a normal human being to keep up with the rapid changes in the Shanghai F&B scene. During my month of being away, I constantly received info about yet another new restaurant/bakery/cafe/bar that popped up…given the limited time and stomach space, let’s choose only the best of the best, starting with Luneurs, a French bakery and ice-cream shop that just opened shy of a week ago.

The truth:上海餐飲界更新的速度已經不是人類可以跟上的了。離開的這一個月內不停地收到新店開幕的消息,不知不覺中累積了長長一列清單。在時間和胃都有限的情況下,我們就挑精華的來吃吧!回上海後探訪的第一家店,是在幸福里開幕還未滿一周的法式麵包+冰淇淋店 “Luneurs”。

shanghai luneurs

So why the name “Luneurs”? Well, a croissant kind of looks like a crescent moon, and a scoop of ice-cream kind of looks like a full moon, so they decided to name the shop after the French world for moon, “lune”, but conjugated it to become “luneurs”, which literally means moon people (doesn’t quite make sense), but can be more figuratively interpreted as “dreamers”. Quite romantic, no?

先得說說這家店爲何取名爲 Luneurs。小店主打的#1是可頌麵包,長的像彎月,主打#2是冰淇淋,一球挖起來圓圓地像滿月。既然都跟月亮有些聯系,店老板決定將店名取爲法語中的 “Lune”(月亮)的變體 Luneurs,直意是 “月亮人們”,但更有 “有夢想的人們” 之意。

shanghai luneurs

The shop itself is simple: the space is filled with a display for breads, espresso machine, ice-cream tubs, a row of seats along the wall, that’s it. The simplicity of the design effectively draws all focus to the pastries arranged in a neat row on the center display.

這是一家簡單明了的店:方形的空間裏有麵包櫃、咖啡機、冰淇淋機、一排靠牆的座位,that’s it。如此簡潔的陳列,讓所有人的目光自然而然落在了櫃台上一字排開的麵包和甜點們身上。

shanghai luneurs

The owner of Luneurs mentions that this kind of simple, product-focused display is inspired by famed pastry chef Cédric Grolet’s newest pastry boutique in Paris:

Luneurs 的老板說這種極簡,將聚焦點放在産品上的陳列方式靈感來自巴黎甜點名廚 Cédric Grolet 的甜點店:

cedric grolet

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[San Francisco 舊金山] Foreign Cinema

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Foreign Cinema

Add: 2534 Mission St, San Francisco, CA
Tel: +1 415-648-7600
Price: 70-90 USD/person
Visited: Jun 2018

Foreign Cinema is a true San Francisco institution. Since its opening in 1999, enthusiastic diners have kept it busy for twenty some years now, and the delicious dishes by couple owners Gayle Pirie and John Clark have never ceased to grace the pages of magazine recommendations and food reviews across town.

Foreign Cinema 自1999年開幕至今近20個年頭一直人氣不減, 由夫妻檔 Gayle Pirie 和 John Clark 用當地新鮮食材打造出的美味料理到現在都海經常出現在美食評論及推薦裡。聽當地的朋友說,“this is a true San Francisco institution.”


Its most attractive feature, other than the food, is without a doubt the lovely courtyard. The white wall on the back is used as a projection screen for foreign movies* after dark, hence the name “Foreign Cinema”.

*Movies change approximately once a month.

Foreign Cinema 最特別的是它惬意的戶外庭院,後方的白色水泥牆在晚餐時段會投影出異國和獨立制片電影,非常浪漫,這也是他們的名字 “Foreign Cinema”(異國電影院)的由來。




The interior is also gorgeous, with high ceilings, raw cement walls, floor-to-ceiling windows, a skylight for extra brightness, and just the right flowers. Subdued colors and elegant details here and there.



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June 25th, 2018 at 10:51 am

[Shanghai 上海] % Arabica

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% Arabica

Add: 374 Wukang Road
Tel: 17301693358
Hours: 10am-10pm
Price: 25-50 RMB/coffee
Visited: Feb 2018

In September 2014, a coffee shop named “% Arabica” opened right near the beautiful Yasaka Pagoda in Kyoto, inside an old Japanese house of over 50 years old. The facade is low-key, but the stylish vibe oozing out from large window panes immediately attracts the passerby.

2014年9月,在古色古香的京都八坂塔旁一棟50多年的日式房子裏,開了一家名叫 “% Arabica” 的咖啡館。外觀低調,然而透過大片玻璃窗滲透出來讓人無法忽視的時髦感,輕而易舉地將路人都吸引了過去。


I happened to live 5 minutes away from the cafe, and went for an early coffee before the crowd got in. The entrance of the shop is a concrete replicate of the cobblestone pattern of Yasaka Street, which makes it seem like the outside pavement continues right into the shop, creating an illusion of a side street off the alleyway.

我前年去京都的住所正好在離 % Arabica 步行五分鍾之處,趁一大早還沒什麽人,找了過去。門口玻璃的通透感,以及店內延用與街道上相似的地磚,都讓人有種鑽入小巷子的錯覺。


The map on the wall symbolizes the motto of % Arabica: “See the world, through coffee”, and standing next under the map is Junichi Yamaguchi, winner of the “Coffee Fest Latte Art World Championship Open Tokyo 2014″, and now the head barista of % Arabica.

牆上的地圖代表著 % Arabica 的座右銘:”See the world, through coffee” - 藉由咖啡來認識這個世界。地圖下面這位就是店長山口淳一,我很幸運的捕捉到了他本人。他是2014拿鐵拉花大賽冠軍 (Coffee Fest Latte Art World Championship Open Tokyo 2014),據說在海外競賽也是常勝軍,是個相當厲害的人物。


On another note, Kenneth Shoji, the founder of % Arabica, has quite an interesting background – you can read more about him here.

% Arabica的品牌創立人東海林克範,則是因爲貿易工作的關系遊遍世界各地,在反複思考自己想過什麽樣的生活時,發現其實 “想要簡單生活,只要在衣食住上能夠滿足,並且能帶著小孩一起到世界各地旅行”。熱愛咖啡的他,決定通過咖啡來實現這樣的生活。他在夏威夷買了一塊咖啡莊園,于香港創立了公司後將品牌帶回日本,與山口先生一起打造了京都的% Arabica。


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Written by sugarednspiced

February 21st, 2018 at 2:01 pm