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Restaurant Locavore

Add: Jl. Dewisita No.10, Banjar Padang, Tegal, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Tel: +62 361 977733
Hours: 11am-11pm
Website: www.locavore.co.id
Price: 895,000 IDR + 21% / 6 dishes, 1,195,000 IDR + 21% / 9 dishes

Capella Ubud was such paradise that we simply did not want to leave once we got settled in, and the only thing that lured us out during our stay, was our lunch reservation at Restaurant Locavore, #42 on the 2019 Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Capella Ubud 舒服地讓我們一入住就不想離開,唯一讓我們暫時外出的理由,就是在亞洲 50 最佳餐廳排名 #42 的 Restaurant Locavore 的午餐預約。

Restaurant Locavore is most well-known for using 100% local ingredients, even the plates and utensils are all made by local artisans. The only thing that’s imported (other than the wines), is probably the Dutch chef Eelke Plasmeijer himself.

Restaurant Locavore 的特色在于100%使用當地食材,連餐盤、餐具、酒杯都采用當地職人們的作品…唯一進口的(除了酒以外),可能就是主廚本人(Eelke Plasmeijer 來自荷蘭)。

We chose the 6-course menu, but before the first dish even touched our table, a flurry of 8 amuse-bouches descended upon us. What I thought were decorative flowers were actually edible, served with hibiscus spray, ginger flower emulsion, and a sprinkle of sea salt. Underneath, a hidden menu.

我們選了6道菜的套餐,但首先是如雪花般像不斷像我們飄來的開胃小食,每個都頗有巧思 – 比如原本以爲是裝飾的花居然可以吃(灑上了扶桑花水和海鹽,再搭配薑花蘸醬),下面還隱藏了一份小菜單。

Honey with a dip of peanuts, sesame, crispy rice, and ant eggs.

本地蜂蜜佐花生碎、芝麻、脆米、和螞蟻蛋(沒錯,是 🐜的蛋無誤)。

Dehydrated pumpkin leaf with seaweed powder.

名爲 “海苔”,其實是乾燥南瓜葉撒上自制海苔粉。

Black rice blini, smoked egg emulsion, black rice.


Fried frangipani flower with marigold flower dip.


Barbecued mango marinated with long pepper, mango kombucha.


Cherry tomato, tomato sorbet, tomato consommé with chili.


Roti made with fermented cassava, coconut yogurt, fresh herbs, chili sesame seed dressing, fried shallot.


After what seemed like a never-ending procession amuse-bouches (and very amusing they were!), finally we got the first official course.

A coconut fell on the beach…

Sumba oyster, young coconut, smoked mussel, vinaigrette, oyster emulsion, sea weed, rambutan, kaffir lime leaf oil.

像雪花般一直飄過來的餐前小食終於告一段落,來到我們的第一道菜:A coconut fell on the beach…印尼松巴島生蚝、椰子、煙燻贻貝、油醋醬、生蠔蘸醬、海藻、紅毛丹、泰國青檸葉油。

Eat your heart out 2.0

Beef heart ‘pastrami’, mulberry coffee vinaigrette, pickled mulberries, red amaranth leaves, beef garum powder.

牛心 ‘燻牛肉’、桑葚咖啡醋汁、紅莧菜、腌漬桑葚。

Lobster tartar

Almost raw lobster, coconut, pickled heart of palm, aromatic oils, shallot lemongrass sambal, warm lobster gel, sriracha chili powder.


Black is the new orange

Carrot slow roasted in smoked beef fat, kecap glaze, carrot reduction, spiced carrot puree, smoked lacto-fermented carrot powder.


Fish & fruit

Barbecued catfish, kombu cured pineapple compote, cured plums, lime pickled shallots, smoked persimmon, ginger torch sauce.


Ayam Hitam

Jon’s chicken, grilled with black garlic, garlic confit puree, black garlic kecap emulsion, pickled solo garlic, green garlic oil, crispy chicken skin cracker.


Pre-dessert: cascara (skin of coffee cherries) sorbet, cascara syrup, mangosteen.


Everything Palm Tree

Palm sugar caramel gelato, tamarind jam, kaffir lime pickled palm heart, kolang kaling tamarine candy, palm sugar meringue.


To finish, some freshly ground coffee with a never-ending plate of petit fours.


I admire Locavore’s effort in sourcing locally and sustainably, putting into good use some of the materials that would traditionally be considered “junk” (e.g. making sorbet and syrup out of cascara). Though I can’t say I loved all the dishes (quite a few were on the salty side for me), it is a restaurant worth visiting if you happen to be in Ubud.

Locavore 將本地食材利用到極致,連一般會被直接丟棄的咖啡皮也被善用做成冰霜,成爲一道甜點。雖然這家的調味對我來說整體偏鹹,但的確有自己的特色,而且價格合理(6道菜套餐 + 很多很多很多開胃小菜 = 2400台幣 / 530人民幣左右),來烏布的話不妨試試看。

Having said that, do note that eating at Locavore takes quite a while (our 6-course lunch went on for 3 hours), so if you are in somewhat of a rush, do let the kitchen know in advance so they can pace your dishes.

不過在 Locavore 吃飯會花很長時間(我們吃了3個小時…),趕時間的人自己斟酌一下是否來得及,或者事先跟廚房打聲招呼請他們上快一點。