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[Tokyo 東京] Cobi Coffee 古美珈琲

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Cobi Coffee

Add: 5-10-5 Minato, Minami Aoyama, Tokyo / 東京都港区南青山 5-10-5 第一九曜ビル 1F
Tel: +81-3-6427-3976
Hours: [Mon-Fri] 8am-8pm [Sat-Sun] 9am-8pm
Price: coffee 450~750 yen
Visited: Oct 2016

Before we talk about Cobi Coffee, let’s take a look at Bloom & Branch, the select shop that houses the cafe. Bloom & Branch is a boutique with a curated selection of clothing and housewares, highlighting craftsmanship whether it’s a pair of jeans or a coffee cup. Curiously, it’s also got a shoe shine bar called  “The Bar by Brift H” installed right at the center of the boutique – very stylish.

南青山有一家非常漂亮的 select shop,名為 Bloom & Branch。這裡除了有服飾、雜貨、咖啡之外,非常有意思的一點是裡面的 “The Bar by Brift H” shoe shine bar(擦鞋吧)。想要保養皮鞋的,不論是擦拭,清理劃痕還是補色,都可以在這裡得到服務,這個一般的合集店可是沒有的。



In the right corner of Bloom & Branch is Cobi Coffee, a sleek little cafe done in seasoned wood, aged brass, and copper. The seating arrangement is modeled after a Japanese tea room, where the host sits at the center and prepares tea in front of the guests. Cobi (古美) translates roughly to “beauty in age”, and this is reflected in many parts of the coffee shop, such as the beautiful copper pot and the ceramic cups in which coffee is served.

而位於 Bloom & Branch 入門口角落的 Cobi CoffeeCobi 也很有自己的風格。(こび)意思是 “古美”,很有味道的一個名字,店裏的裝修和杯具也都是如其名的沈穩古典風格。


The coffee is from Obscura Coffee Roasters, and though they offer espresso drinks, the pour-over coffee prepared through a cloth filter is what they most excel at.

而 Cobi Coffee,則是由位于三軒茶屋的咖啡名店 Obscura Coffee Roasters 打造。這裡有義式咖啡也有手沖咖啡,不過手沖咖啡似乎比較出色。



I ordered a cup of their “original blend sunny” pour over (1,100 yen with a piece of castella cake), which had lovely notes of citrus and berries, and supposedly should taste creamy like peanut butter towards the end. My friend tried the “original blend dark”, which is a darker roast with a slightly smokiness akin to Scotch whisky. Both were delicious.

我點了一杯他們自家烘培的 original blend sunny 手衝,有柑橘和莓果的香氣,據說尾韻還有花生醬的奶油感。朋友選的 original blend dark 則屬于烘的比較深的豆子,有點蘇格蘭威士忌的煙熏感。兩款都好喝。而且杯子很美吧。



Cobi Coffee serves desserts from famed wagashi shop Higashiya, usually castella cake and two kinds of yokan. My favorite castella cake is probably from Fukusaya of Nagasaki, though the version from Higashiya is very nice as well – fluffy, moist, fragrant.

Cobi Coffee 提供的甜點來自和菓子名店 Higashiya,當天的選擇有カステラ長崎蛋糕和兩種風味的羊羹。カステラ長崎蛋糕是我的最愛之一,做這個甜點最出名的應該是位于長崎的福砂屋(這次當然也買了一條帶回上海),不過 Higashiya 做的也非常好,口感綿密,滿是雞蛋和糖的香味。


Cobi Coffee also offers kakigori (Japanese shaved ice), and though I would’ve loved to try the shaved ice with espresso and condensed milk, it was way too cold on the day of my visit. Saving this for next summer, of course.

Cobi Coffee 在夏天還有かき氷(日式刨冰),本來很想嚐嚐濃縮咖啡+煉乳刨冰還有栗子大納豆刨冰,不過到訪的當天實在太冷了,放棄。Anyway,下次去東京,請來這裏逛逛店,喝杯咖啡。


Cobi Coffee 古美珈琲

地址:東京都 港區 南青山 5-10-5 第一九曜ビル 1F
營業時間:平日 8am-8pm,周末 9am-8pm
價位:咖啡 450~750 日幣

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