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[Taipei] Season Cuisine Pâtissiartism

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Season Cuisine Pâtissiartism

Add: 22 Alley 2, Lane 397, Mingshui Lu, Taipei 台北市明水路397巷2弄22號
Tel: (02) 2533 2377
Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-8pm, Sat-Sun 10am-8pm (closed on Tuesday)
Price: [lunch] 780~980 NTD/set, [afternoon tea] 520 NTD/set, 280~450 NTD/dessert
Visited: Oct 2011

For a picture perfect afternoon tea, visit Season Cuisine Pâtissiartism. There’s room for improvement in terms of flavor, but the whimsically presented desserts are definitely photo-worthy.

Take this for an example. What is this…a potted plant?

Actually, this is a Mint Ice-Cream Pot 薄荷冰淇淋盆栽 (280 NTD), one of the most popular items at Season. It’s comprised of a layer of chocolate crumble (the soil) covering mint ice-cream and chocolate cake. The best part? There’s crackling candy in the ice-cream, which creates a series of popping sensations on the tongue. Very entertaining.

We also tried Pomelo Pink Grapefruit Ravioli 雙柚黃金餃 (280 NTD), a translucent honey jelly wrapping pomelo, pink grapefruit, and grapefruit sorbet. So pretty I could not stop taking pictures of these, though I can’t say I was impressed by the actual taste as it was rather plain in both texture and flavor.

Part of the afternoon tea set (520 NTD) is a big fluff of cotton candy sprinkled with dried strawberry bits. Though we only ordered a la carte, the chef was kind enough to make us one just to satiate our curiosity. Thank you thank you.

Though we also tried the lunch set (780~980 NTD) at Season, I wasn’t particularly impressed by it so I won’t elaborate on the details. See pictures here:

Chilled beetroot soup


Salad, Smoked Salmon with Raspberry Jelly, Parma Ham Onion, Choy Sum with Parmesan

Tomato Soup with Pink Grapefruit Gnocchi 番茄蔬菜湯, 糖漬葡萄柚麵疙瘩

Black Forrest Duck Breast with Cherry and Chocolate 黑森林毫野鴨佐黑櫻桃和巧克力

Chestnut Soybean Curd and Mont Blanc Tart 酒香栗子豆花和蒙布朗小塔

Here’s a bag of macarons (280 NTD/bag), courtesy of the store manager. Loved the passionfruit flavor, but not a big fan of the violet ones.

From this visit, I find the dishes at Season looking better than they actually taste. Still, I give the chef credit for the design of each creation, and I’d be up for visiting the shop again just to find out what new things he has conjured up. And lastly, Season has a spacious, lush, car fume-free patio that is attractive enough to draw me out of the city center.

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October 17th, 2011 at 10:55 pm