[Taipei] Nichi Cafe 日子咖啡

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Nichi Cafe 日子咖啡

Add: No. 8, Alley 17, Chifeng Street, Taipei / 台北市赤峰街17巷8號
Tel: (02) 25559 6669
Hours: 1pm~10pm
Price: [drinks] 90~170 NTD [desserts] 80 NTD
Visited on: 2012-06

My plan to spend an afternoon at Eslite fell apart once I saw how crowded the bookstore was (even on a Thursday afternoon!), so instead I ventured out of my comfort zone (namely 東區 & 信義區) to explore some hidden cafe shops in other neighborhoods.

I wish I can say I stumbled upon Nichi Cafe through pure serendipity, but it was actually recommended to me by a Taiwanese blogger, who has graciously put together a customized restaurant/cafe list for me as a reference. Nichi Cafe somewhat reminds me of Cafe Megane, a stylish and slightly quirky Japanese cafe near the Tun Hwa/Hsin Yi intersection, except Nichi is even smaller in both store space and menu offerings.

Wooden furniture, simple decor, warm lighting. Whether you come alone or with friends, there’s a seat for you.

I quite liked its food-focused book selection.

Cointreau Latte (150 NTD), flavor from the orange liquor was a nice touch, but the latte was overall too bitter for my taste buds.

Banana Cake (80 NTD), lovely aroma, served warm and fluffy. By the way, there are only 2 dessert offerings at Nichi, the other being “yogurt with jam”.

My afternoon reading.

Service was minimal and even bordering on cold (much like the style at Cafe Megane), but for my purpose of the afternoon – to find a quiet place to sit and read and steal wi-fi – it was more than sufficient. Nichi is a place I’d go back to just for the ambience, and perhaps to give their coffee another shot.

P.S. Is there anyone else who thinks the bathroom lock is super tricky? I almost got myself locked in there!

2 thoughts on “[Taipei] Nichi Cafe 日子咖啡

  1. And bathroom light switch is not responding promptly, which made me feel I didn’t turn it on. Lol

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