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[Taipei] Jin Feng Braised Pork Rice 金峰魯肉飯

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Jin Feng Braised Pork Rice 金峰魯肉飯

Add: 10 Roosevelt Road Section 1, Taipei / 台北市羅斯福路1段10號
Tel: (02) 2396 0808
Hours: 8am~1am
Price: 50~100 NTD/person
Visited on: 2012-06

Despite how easy it is to find a decent bowl of braised pork rice (魯肉飯 lu rou fan) in Taipei, Jin Feng has impressively made a name for itself as the best place for braised pork rice in town. The street side joint is small and admittedly not so pretty, but it’s always packed with patrons who are addicted to its perfectly braised pork bellies. Let’s give it a try.

So what is lu rou fan? Pork belly slow-cooked in soy sauce and five spices then finely chopped (but not quite minced), then served over a bowl of hot rice. It’s super fatty, and that’s what makes it so delicious. At Jin Feng, a bowl of braised pork rice is priced at 25~45 NTD depending on the size of your order.

You can also choose 控肉飯 (kong rou fan) which comes with a whole piece of braised pork belly and a side of 筍乾 (braised dried bamboo shoots). 60 NTD per bowl.

Braised eggs (10 NTD/each).

Braised fried tofu (20 NTD).

Braised dried bamboo shoots (20~50 NTD).

Morning glories (20~50 NTD).

So how were the dishes? Very good, but I didn’t find them significantly more satisfying than what I can find at many other lu rou fan stalls all over the city. If you happen to be in the area (it’s very close to CKS Memoral Hall), drop by for a quick meal, but I personally wouldn’t travel here just for the food.

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Written by sugarednspiced

July 10th, 2012 at 12:50 pm