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[Taipei] Fu Hang Dou Jiang 阜杭豆漿

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Fu Hang Dou Jiang 阜杭豆漿

Add: HuaShan Market Building, 2F, Zhongxiao E. Rd. Sec. 1, No. 108 台北市忠孝東路一段108號華山市場2樓之28
Tel: (02) 2392 2175
Hours: [daily] 5:30am-12:30pm
Price: [soy milk] 20~25NTD [shao bing] 25~55NTD
Visited: Apr 2011

With breakfast joints occupying every other street corners of Taipei, Fu Hang Dou Jiang has done impressively well in attracting a loyal following who would travel the distance and wait in a long queue, just to sink their teeth in one of the most satisfying shao bing (roasted flatbreads) in the city. This is what gets me up at 6:45am even when I’m on holidays.

Tip: It’s a popular place and it closes at 10am, so come early or leave hungry.

Since 1958, Fu Hang has been churning out 燒餅 (shao bing, or roasted flatbread) and 油條 (you tiao, or deep-fried cruller) made fresh daily in the traditional Nanjing way. Look through the glass to get a feel of the hustle and bustle in the kitchen.

After a short wait, here’s what we got on the plate.

Fu Hang is most famous for its 厚燒餅 thick shao bing, a flatbread that’s been roasted till it has risen to a satisfyingly fluffy and chewy thickness. The top is glazed with syrup, which creates a beautiful brown color when roasted, then sprinkled with white sesame for extra fragrance. Order it with a piece of you tiao and fried egg with scallions (55NTD) for a most gratifying combination.

Though the 薄燒餅 thin shao bing is less popular than its sibling, I find it just as satiating. This version is flakier and crisper in texture, and also comes in plain or with you tiao and/or fried egg.

Left: thin, right: thick.

I was once disgusted by the idea of 咸豆漿 salted soy milk (25 NTD), but now I’m a believer. This rather unattractive soup is basically fresh soy milk that had curdled with the addition of vinegar, and is served with crispy you tiao croutons, pickled mustard greens, scallions, cilantro, and chili oil. If you can get past its disagreeable appearance, you’ll taste one of the most satisfying bowls of soup in your life.

For the timid souls, sweet soy milk (20 NTD) would be the safe way to go.

What are you waiting for? Again, come early, or leave hungry.

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April 1st, 2011 at 9:48 pm