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[Taipei] Fourplay Cuisine

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Fourplay Cuisine

Add: 67 Dongfeng Street, Taipei 台北市大安區東豐街67號
Tel: (02) 2708 3898
Hours: [Mon-Thu] 6pm-1am [Fri-Sat] 6pm-2am
Price: 250~450 NTD/drink
Visited: Oct 2011

I rarely blog about drinks, but the cocktails at Fourplay Cuisine are too fun to not write about. This recently-opened restaurant/lounge has no drinks menu – all you got to do is tell Allen the bartender what flavors you are in the mood of having, and he’ll fix it right up for you. To give you an idea of what to expect at Fourplay, here are a few drinks I tried on my visit. Not too many, just all 14 of them…starting with this lavender mojito (that’s a little tea bag on top).

Ruby heart: herb, strawberry, bitter orange.

Coffee liquor shot, with a marshmallow blazed in Absinthe.

Absinthe + sorghum liquor + honey + unknown fruit + rosemary, tastes surprisingly like white chocolate.


Passionfruit + vodka (80%!)

Earl grey whisky shot.

Just one of the many apparatus used by the bartender.

Smokey rose, this one I loved.

A helium balloon in your shot.

Lemon drop, with 151.

Starfruit, this one I also loved.



Peanut butter.

Feeling tipsy yet? Drinks at Fourplay are entertaining, beautiful, and delicious. I like to sit at the bar where I can watch the bartender in action and learn about what I’m drinking, though of course table and booth seats are available. Just be careful – these innocent-tasting drinks can actually be quite strong, so pace yourself…

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