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Some thoughts / 一些想法

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I haven’t written about this on Sugared & Spiced yet, but it’s been 6 months since I got back to working full time in a professional pastry kitchen.

還未在Sugared & Spiced上寫過這件事情,不過我回到專業甜點廚房全職工作,已經六個月了。


A lot of people were surprised about this decision. It certainly seemed like I was living the ideal life – teaching pastry classes and writing on Sugared & Spiced was the perfect combination, and I also had the flexibility to travel whenever I wanted. Why would I quit this to go back to the professional kitchen, where it’s nothing but intense physical work, and getting paid only a fraction of what I was earning working for myself?

Because that, for me at the time, was too comfortable.




I was working in Paris for about three years, which is very short as far as a patissier career goes. Sure, what I had in my pocket was adequate for teaching classes and perhaps even for opening a shop, but it didn’t feel “enough”. For the past two years in Shanghai, I was making pastries mostly for classes, which were too simple compared to the ideas I had in my mind. So I started to look for opportunities that can allow me to, simply put, level up.



So when such an opportunity presented itself, I pushed myself to grab it.



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January 7th, 2018 at 2:15 pm

[Pastry Diary] Jean Georges Shanghai

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In preparation for my move to Paris to attend ESCF-Ferrandi’s Intensive Professional Program in French Pastry, I recently completed an internship at the pastry kitchen of Jean Georges. On my previous visits to this famed restaurant as a customer, I’ve passed by its open kitchen a few times and admired the little busy bees buzzing around…

But now, I’m on the inside.

Where the magic happens!

Desserts at Jean Georges are intricate ensembles of many components. Take this butter milk panna cotta, honey dew sorbet, crispy sesame for example.

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August 19th, 2012 at 10:27 am

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