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[Shanghai] The Ritz-Carlton Pudong: Checking Out

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The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong

Address: Shanghai IFC, 8 Century Avenue, near Lujiazui Huan Lu / 上海IFC,世紀大道8號,近陸家嘴環路
Tel: 2020 1888
Visited on:  2012-01-14

Waking up to this view, feeling on top of the world (albeit a gloomy and drizzling one). Good morning Shanghai!

Bedroom in the morning

Morning view


Sit here for a while to soak up the view.

Sitting room in the morning 

Sitting room in the morning


Though I already mentioned this in the previous post,  I do feel the need to stress the point again – the bathrobe at Ritz-Carlton Pudong is so very very comfortable.


I explored the mini bar for a bit and noticed that they have lipbalm and mouth freshener on sale – at a steep price of 65 RMB and 75 RMB each, but when you need your lipbalm, you need your lipbalm.

Available for sale

Of course they also have the regular mini bar items – snacks, drinks, and alcohol for those in a boozy mood.

Mini bar 

The Club Lounge is bright and cheery in the morning. A selection of breakfast items was spread across the buffet tables – fresh pastries, cold cuts, fruits, hot dishes, made-to-order omelets…

Club Lounge

Breakfast pastries

Cold cuts

Omelet station 

Hot dishes

For those not in a room with Club Lounge access, breakfast is served at Scena on the 52nd floor, with a view you can’t complain about.


Breakfast buffet 

Breakfast buffet

Very cute juice bottle display.

Fresh juice

After breakfast (and an hour or so to digest), we headed up to the Fitness Center on the 53rd floor to burn it off. All machines are draped with a towel and a bottle of water – very considerate.

Fitness Center 

Bottled water and tower

Then, off to the swimming pool. Inside each locker there is a clear plastic bag for wet swimming suites – another small but considerate gesture.

Locker room

Blue green mosaic tile, red and white lounge beds, hot steamy jacuzzi, view of the bund…but let’s not belabor that point anymore. The only thing I wished for was to have some light music in the air, which would’ve added an additional dose of liveliness to the space.

Swimming pool

Swimming pool

Pool side lounges 

Swimming pool


Follow that with a light lunch back at the Club Lounge, and it’s time to check out. Satisfied we were, and sad to leave we were.

Light lunch

Another small thing I noticed on the way out – there is a lounge sofa by the elevator, presumably for guests who feel the need to sit down during the wait. It is accumulation of these small details and personal touches sprinkled throughout the establishment that really impressed. Throughout our stay, the waitstaff (or Ladies & Gentlemen, in the Ritz-Carlton language) addressed us by name, always carried a smile, and went out of their way to make us feel well taken care of. It was, to say the least, a truly special and memorable birthday weekend.

Lounge by the elevator

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