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[Shanghai 上海] Sunny Hills 微熱山丘

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Sunny Hills 微熱山丘

Add: 2F, 133 Yuanmingyuan Road
Tel: 6236 3300
Hours: 10am-8pm
Price: free tasting,  120 RMB/box of 10, 180 RMB/box of 15
Visited: Oct 2015

Sunny Hills, a pineapple cake brand from Taiwan, is now available in Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo. The Shanghai branch, located on 133 Yuanmingyuan Road right behind The Peninsula, is a bright second floor space composed of not much other than an elongated table, meant for people to rest their feet and have a pineapple cake…for free.




For those who haven’t had pineapple cakes, these are rectangular pastry shells wrapping thick, chunky pineapple jam. Sunny Hills prides itself in using freshly harvested sun-ripened pineapples indigenous of Taiwan, resulting in a fragrant, and especially tangy pineapple filling. The outside pastry shell is also made with care, using flours from Japan, butter from New Zealand, and eggs from a Taiwanese farm apparently renowned for using classical music to inspire the breeding process (?).


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And yes, these pineapple cakes are very delicious. With a cup of Oolong tea, this makes the perfect afternoon snack.



They also sell pineapple juice made from the same native pineapples of Taiwan, though I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. In fact, the shop is currently experiencing some issues at the customs so the stocks for both pineapple cakes and juices are running low, but go for a tasting and if you like, come back another day to take home a box (120 RMB/10 pastries, 180 RMB/15 pastries). Happy tasting.

微熱山丘也有售賣使用台灣土鳳梨制成鳳梨汁,不過這我倒還沒嚐過。聽說由于海關問題現在店裏缺貨,不過試吃品還是有的 - 若你路過附近,不妨上樓嚐顆鳳梨酥 。




地址: 圓明園路133號2樓
電話: 6236 3300
營業時間: 10am-8pm
價位: 品嚐免費, 購買120元/10顆, 180 元/15顆
造訪: 2015年10月

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