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[Shanghai] Garden Terrace at Le Baron

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Garden Terrace at Le Baron

Add: 7F 20 Donghu Road / 东湖路20号7楼
Tel: 5424 5181
Hours: Tue-Sat 5-11pm (closed on Sun-Mon)
Price: [alcohol] 70-100 RMB [oysters] 98-256 RMB/dozen from 5-8pm, 198-456 RMB/dozen after 8pm
Visited: May 2016

Shanghai has been raining nonstop lately, so I’m going to tell you about a good place to go when it finally turns sunny and we’ll all have something to look forward to. You might have heard of Le Baron, or are even a frequent patron of this ever-so-popular night club, but you probably didn’t know that it has a lovely garden terrace up on its rooftop. There’s sun, cool breeze, music, alcohol, and the best part is that it’s not so crowded…well, at least for now.



For those who haven’t been, this is what Le Baron looks like. These two photos were taken in the afternoon before the club opens, hence the lack of people. It’s indeed a bit eerie to see the space this empty, given how happening it is during night time.



And upstairs it’s this light-hearted! What a contrast.




The terrace opens from 5pm everyday (except Sunday and Monday when the club is closed), making it an ideal place to get some late afternoon sun and drinks after work. They have happy hours from 5-8pm, the drinks remain the same prices but there is an attractive discount on oysters – a dozen of David Hervé Fine de Claire No. 4  goes for 98 RMB only (or 198 RMB after 8pm), there is also La Royale No. 3 (258 RMB / 358 RMB for a dozen) and La Royale No. 3 (128 RMB / 228 RMB for half a dozen).



Le Baron isn’t a cocktail specialty bar like Speak Low or Botanist, so its offerings are more casual and simple. I like Ginspiration (90 RMB) for its light pink color and the summery, refreshing flavor. This is actually a drink from downstairs and isn’t actually on the terrace menu, but you can order it anyway.




Strawberry Daiquiri (70 RMB):  strawberry, Havana rum, lime, sugar. Also available in passion fruit and lemon flavors.


Shiso Mojito (70 RMB): shiso, Havana rum, fresh lime, ginger beer, sugar. I’ve ordered this twice – the first time was very good (I personally am a big fan of shiso), but the second time it was so sweet that it was impossible to drink – we had to ask the bartender to make it again.


Sakiwi (70 RMB): Japanese sake, fresh kiwi, fresh lime. Really enjoyed this one for its ultra fresh taste.


Here’s a 100% summery scene for you. Oh, and for those who shisha,  I heard they’ve got eight flavors going on – apple, strawberry, grape, peach, orange, mint, lemon, and honeydew!




And it gets dark.



The evening vibe is charming as well (and you can’t see the pollution as clearly, aha).



Cute lights.

The terrace closes at 11pm, but somsetimes when there is a good crowd they will extend the hours to midnight, after which you can head down for some serious dance moves. I’m more of a chill-on-the-terrace type of person and apparently Shanghai’s turning sunny as we speak…so see you upstairs later?

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