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[Shanghai] Cafe des Stagiaires (2)

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Cafe des Stagiaires

Add: 54 Yongkang Lu, near Xiangyang Nan Lu  / 永康路54号, 近襄阳南路
Tel: 3425 0210
Hours: [Tue-Sun] 10:00am~midnight
Price: 20~30 RMB/coffee
Visited on: Feb 2012 (visits 1, 3)

If you’ve read my last post on Cafe des Stagiaires, you already knew that I was quite charmed by its cozy atmosphere and quirky decor on my first visit. I went back again this weekend to try the food, and fell even more in love with this enchanting little space.

The food menu is short and simple – charcuterie from their boucherie Les Garcons, pizza from their neighboring pizzeria Pizza Peppone, and pastry from their bakery La Boulangerie.

We started with a 1/2 order of pate (80 RMB), which came with a bag of fresh baguettes.

We wanted to try both the Pepperoni (85 RMB) and Nicoise (75 RMB) pizzas, so the kitchen agreed to let us do half and half. They ended up giving us a Pepperoni / Lawaiianne mix instead of the Pepperoni / Nicoise mix we requested, but we quite enjoyed it anyway. Thin curst, with just the right amount of toppings.

But really, we came for the sweet things. First, an order of citron tart (30 RMB), Paris brest (30 RMB), and canelé (10 RMB).

Liking everything we tasted, we went on to try the apple tart (30 RMB)

…and the chocolate tart (30 RMB)

…and the cherry tart (30 RMB)

My personal favorites were the cherry tart and chocolate tart, but really, I liked everything we ordered (perhaps except the Paris brest as I didn’t particularly enjoy the grainy chestnut filling). Here’s a cup of latte (30 RMB) and plenty of water to go along with the sweets.

For a better idea of what Cafe des Stagiaires looks like, see my previous post. Will be back soon!

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February 20th, 2012 at 12:06 am