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[Shanghai] Grooow Juice

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Grooow Juice 果簍

Add: 124 Wuyuan Road, near Wulumuqi Road / 五原路124号,近乌鲁木齐中路
Tel: 54365667
Hours: 10am-8pm
Price: 22-32RMB/cup
Visited: Mar 2016

After visiting a Sunday market on Anfu Road, I was looking for a place to sit and chill but didn’t want coffee or tea (yes these days actually exist). Remembering that there’s a juice shop on Wuyuan Road, I wandered in that general direction and arrived at “Grooow Juice” (果簍 in Chinese). Cute shop front! Let’s drink.





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March 7th, 2016 at 12:49 pm

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[Shanghai] Chez Maurice

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Chez Maurice

Add: 2F, 50 Tai’an Road, near Xingguo Road / 泰安路50号2楼,近兴国路
Tel: 62299668
Hours: 5:30-10:30pm (closed on Tue)
Price: 350-400RMB/person
Visited: Feb 2016

It’s been 5 months since I moved back from Paris, and it’s about time that I start missing sipping wine and snacking on charcuterie boards. It just so happens that Chez Maurice opened last month, and rumor has it that it’s a casual French bistro with excellent charcuterie – just what I have in mind – so I gathered a few friends for a taste of it.


The location is a 4-story house on Tai’an Road, right above Heyday the jazz bar. Chez Maurice The Grill is on the second floor, and there’s also a Chez Maurice Wine Bar on the third floor plus a Japanese sake bar on the fourth, all by the same owner.



The menu is short and succinct – just one page. The charcuterie craft here was taught by Monsieur Maurice, a French grandpa whose family has been in the meat business for generations, and apparently he’s in Shanghai every few months to check up on the bistro named after himself. I first tried Le Foie Gras au Torchon (78 RMB), duck liver with Port wine blackberry sauce and country bread. Excellent, just like what you would get in Paris.


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March 1st, 2016 at 3:16 am

[Shanghai] Boom Boom Bagels / Sumerian Cafe

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Boom Boom Bagels

Add: 39 Anfu Lu, near Changshu Lu / 安福路39号, 近常熟路
Tel: 150 2140 8818
Hours: 7:30am-10pm
Price: [coffee] 24-48 RMB [bagels] 12-65 RMB
Visited: Feb 2016

Upon returning to Shanghai, I was delighted to discover a few new (well, new for me) spots for bagels. The first I tried was Boom Boom Bagels on Anfu Road, with its an attractive purple shopfront and a pretty industrial-grey interior. Only after chatting with the waitstaff did I find out that it’s actually by the same owner of the famed Sumerian Cafe on North Shanxi Road. Aha.





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February 25th, 2016 at 6:18 am

[Shanghai] Egg

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Add: 12 South Xiangyang Road, near Julu Road / 襄阳北路12号, 近巨鹿路
Tel: N/A
Hours: 8am-6:30pm
Price: 100-150 RMB/person
Visited: Jan 2016

Bright, instagram-friendly cafe on South Xiangyang Road by cutiepie Camden Hauge of the Shanghai Supperclub. It serves all day breakfast, and as the name suggests, this place is quite egg-centric…even if the dish doesn’t already involve eggs, you have the option to “put an egg on it!” for 8RMB in addition. They also do a 10-seat chef’s table every Thursday evening which sounds like a fun and intimate experience.





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February 14th, 2016 at 2:31 pm

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[Shanghai] Moon Coffee

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Moon Coffee

Add: 9-B, Alley 275 Anfu Road / 安福路275弄9-B
Tel: 13310169107
Hours: 11am-7pm
Price: [coffee] 22-75 RMB [pastry] 29-33 RMB
Visited: Jan 2016

I dropped by Moon Coffee on a quiet Monday. There were only two other guests this afternoon, and as they soon departed after my arrival, I had the luxury of enjoying the cafe – tiny as it is – all to myself. It’s tugged deeply inside an alley on Anfu Road, definitely not somewhere you’d stumble upon, and that in itself is a charm. Upon entering, there was Erik Satie and the smell of freshly ground coffee floating in air, with mild sunshine seeping in through the windows…a perfect winter afternoon moment.



Moon Cafe has two tables and a few stools. Standing at the bar on the day of my visit was A-Tang, a soft-spoken coffee barista from Hainan. We had a lovely chat, mostly about coffee and a little bit about music, after which he kindly shared with me his playlist of that afternoon, consisting of Erik Satie and piano pieces in similar style. I’m listening to the playlist as I write, all that’s missing is a good cup of coffee.



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February 6th, 2016 at 6:35 am

I want strawberries and I want champagne

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I just finished a fun little project with Perrier-Jouët designing a Valentine’s dessert for their Blason Rosé. This is a gorgeous rose champagne with lovely notes of red fruits, so I decided to make a light strawberry cheesecake for the pairing. It’s a rare cheesecake that doesn’t need to be baked, the flavor and texture both heavenly light, combined with fresh strawberries and a hint of rose, it’s just perfect.



So, what do we need to make this strawberry cheesecake?

For the bottom:

  • Cookie crumbs…100g
  • Melted butter…10g


1. Mix cookie crumbs with melted butter and press the mixture at the bottom of the cake mold. I used house-baked cookies to make the crumbs, but you can simply buy graham crackers for this purpose.


2. Slice strawberries in half and arrange them neatly along the inside of the cake mold. Don’t forget to line the cake mold with clear plastic for easier unmolding later on.


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February 3rd, 2016 at 12:11 pm

[Shanghai] TASTE Shop

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Add: 105, Building 3, Lane 210 Taikang Road / 泰康路210弄3号楼105室
Tel: 18221041418
Hours: 12:30-8:30pm (closed on Mon)
Price: [coffee] 12-99RMB
Visited: Jan 2016

When I was wandering the tiny alleys of Tianzifang a few weeks ago, my attention was caught by this quietly stylish shop near the entrance of lane 210. “TASTE Shop”, it says. I went in for a quick round and was impressed by its selection of homeware, accessories, fragrance, tools, and other pretty knickknacks, mostly imported from Europe and Japan. I had no idea at the time that I would soon be introduced to the owners of this place via a mutual friend. “They are opening a cafe right upstairs and need pastries,” explained the friend, “You guys should talk.”


So I came back on a sunny day to meet shop owner Yutaka, a fashion designer-turn-visual merchandiser, originally from Tokyo but has lived in Shanghai for over 10 years. Together him and his Chinese Canadian wife Viko (photographer by profession) started TASTE Shop back in 2013. Since then, the space has evolved to what it is now – a select shop, an exhibition space, and most recently, a cafe.


The newly-opened cafe has so many chic details to notice. The menu, for example, is handmade – and by handmade, I mean even the paper itself is made by their staff.


Manning the cafe counter is Yutaka and his colleague Patrick. Both trained with Mr. A of Shinzan Mono (a coffee shop in the French Concession), but Yutaka specializes in hand drip coffee while Patrick does the espresso-based variations.


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January 27th, 2016 at 12:00 pm

[Shanghai] Chikalicious

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Add: Shop 205a, Xintiandi, No.5, 123 Xingye Lu, near Madang Lu
Tel: 6333 9233
Hours: 11am-11pm (closed on Monday)
Price: [cake] 68 RMB [dessert set] 188 RMB (+10% service fee)
Visited: Jan 2016

Please note that this was an invited tasting.

My first time trying Chika’s desserts was 8 years ago in New York. I wasn’t a pastry chef back then but already had a serious sweet tooth, and I took the time to visit Chikalicious’ first (and only, at the time) shop at East Village just so I can try the famed 3-course dessert menu. When I heard that Chikalicious opened in Shanghai, I got curious – what would Chikalicious be like without Chika?


Running the kitchen of Chikalicious Shanghai are two young pastry chefs of only 28 years old – Mauro from Argentina and Maya from Thailand (grew up in the U.S.) They both worked at Chikalicious New York before coming to Shanghai, but got there via very different paths. Mauro started in the kitchen during his teens, and made his way through quite a few Michelin-starred restaurants such as L’Arpège in Paris, Gordon Ramsay in London, and Nobu 57 in New York, as well as famed pastry shops like Gerard Mulot. Maya was originally an industrial designer, and it has been only a year since she officially started working in the kitchen, but her confidence and practiced gestures are not at all like a newbie. Before joining Chikalicious, she was previously at three Michelin starred Eleven Madison Park, where she spent some time both front of the house and in the kitchen.


On another note, Maya personally wrote these “reserve” cards. Very pretty!


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January 26th, 2016 at 12:54 pm

[Shanghai] Black Bird

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Black Bird

Add: 3/F, 1 South Wulumuqi Road, near Dongping Road / 乌鲁木齐南路1号3楼,近东平路
Tel: N/A
Hours: 11am-2am
Price: [plates] 36-190 RMB [coffee] 18-52 RMB [cocktails] 79-92 RMB
Visited: Jan 2016

I’ve been seeing too many beautiful photos of Black Bird on the internet to ignore it. Located on the corner of Wulumuqi Road and Dongping Road, this cafe / restaurant / bar has all the right elements – floor-to-ceiling windows that let in plenty of natural light, gorgeous interior design, comfortable seating, friendly and efficient service, and – very importantly – good food. Brought to you by the same owner of Bar No. 3, this place does lunch, brunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and cocktails…no excuse to not come here!




Heading the kitchen are two Italian chefs, I heard they came from The Press on Hankou Road (a stylish Italian restaurant that I heard great things about but haven’t been yet). The cuisine here is casual Italian – stuffed portobello mushrooms, baked grapes and brie cheese, potato gnocchi, and the likes. More details below.


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January 11th, 2016 at 1:55 am

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[Shanghai] Tori-ichi 酉一

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Tori-ichi 酉一

Add: 509 Guyang Road, near Yaohong Road / 古羊路509号,近姚虹路
Tel: 5477 3661
Hours: 5:30-12pm (closed on Sunday)
Price: 120-150 RMB/person
Visited: Jan 2016

Tori-ichi 酉一 is a popular izakaya in Gubei area with quality food, reasonable price, and efficient service. A good choice for a rowdy gathering among friends if you happen to be in the area.


Sake sake.


Chicken liver braised in ginger (25 RMB).


Grilled knee gristle (10 RMB/skewer) and chicken tail (12 RMB/skewer).


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January 3rd, 2016 at 8:11 am

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