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[Hong Kong 香港] Teakha 茶。家

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Teakha 茶。家

Add: 18 Tai Ping Shan St, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2858 9185
Hours: 11am-7pm (closed on Mon)
Price: [tea] 40~65/HKD [pastries] 40-50 HKD
Visited: Aug 2016

Hidden in an inner corner of Tai Ping Shan Street is Teakha, a tea house founded by Nana Chan, a Taiwan-born, Hong Kong-raised, and London-educated lawyer-turned-tea shop owner. Her concept, excerpted below, is lovely:

“In many cultures all over the world, tea is the mechanism at which we welcome people into our homes or start a conversation with strangers. Here at teakha, we too believe that tea is a window to opening our hearts. Through this window, we welcome you into our “home”, to experience a lifestyle that is in touch with our community and our environment. One that values the little joys in life as homemade cakes, the sound of music lingering in a back alley, or ever so basically, the forgotten art of talking to our neighbors.”

藏在太平山道一個小角落裏的 “Teakha茶。家” 是家台灣女孩開的茶店,在香港人氣極高。上面一小段話是老闆的初衷,理念十分美好,可以看一下。


On the tea menu, there’s Indian marsala chai tea, Taiwanese Oolong tea, Japanese matcha, etc. – all single-origin teas sourced by teakha’s sister company Planation directly from small tea plantations.



There are also some simple pastries, the most popular being the matcha cheesecake.




Beautiful colors.



After ordering, you can find a seat in the room next door, but you’d need to go back to the first room to retrieve your tea when it’s brewed (yes it’s a small hassle, especially climbing the rather steep stairs while holding a cup of hot tea). Teakha seems to be a popular spot among afternoon tea-drinkers – though we visited on a weekday, the space was almost completely full.

店的構造有些複雜,點單的房間位子不多,大部分的座位必須出門後通過另一個門抵達,是個有夾層(而且樓梯非常陡)的空間。點單後,可以在隔壁的房間裏找個位子坐下,不過茶泡好的時候是需要自己回去拿的。雖然是平日,不過 Teakha 整個都坐滿了,看來真的相當受香港人歡迎呢。


Luckily, we found an empty sofa up on the second floor.



My friend tried the Caramelized Lemon Iced Tea (45 HKD), which is Keemun black tea from Anhui, China added with honey and roasted citrus. Beside it is hojicha cheesecake (45 HKD), a non-bake, soft and creamy cheesecake, not bad, though a tad bit too sweet for me.

朋友點的Caramelized Lemon Iced Tea(45港幣)是添加了蜂蜜和烤檸檬的安徽祁門紅茶,沒太深的印象。焙茶芝士蛋糕(45港幣),焙茶的香味很不錯,口感也柔軟(屬于無烘焙芝士蛋糕那種),就是有點太甜了。



I tried the Masala Chai (52 HKD), Indian Assam tea cooked with Keralan spices in fresh milk, and it was quite a lot spicier than the chai tea I’ve had before. Quite nice, even though I was sweating a little bit too much from drinking this spicy hot tea on this hot hot summer day in Hong Kong.

快喝完才想到要拍照的Masala Chai(52 港幣)是添加了Keralan香料和鮮牛奶的印度阿薩姆紅茶,比之前喝過的chai tea都要辛辣了不少。

I can’t say that the tea at Teakha tastes especially exceptional just from a flavor point-of-view, but the place is cute, and the concept is lovely. Come and experience it for yourself.




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