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[Shanghai] Fu 1015 福 1015

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Fu 1015 福 1015

Add: 1015 Yuyuan Lu 愚园路1015号
Tel: 5237 9778
Hours: 11:30am-3pm, 5:30-10pm
Price: minimum spend 800 RMB/person
Visited: Oct 2011

If you’ve read my previous entry on Fu 1039, you know that the Fu restaurants have established a solid reputation for serving refined Shanghainese dishes in nostalgic old villas. The newest and priciest addition to the series, Fu 1015, promises to be more extravagant in all aspects. So is it really that different from its siblings? Let’s find out.

To fulfill the minimum spend of 800 RMB/person, Fu 1015 pre-arranges menus for all guests. Ours started with an Old Shanghai Smoked Fish 老上海熏魚 (58 RMB). Served hot, crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside, flavors all there. Well done.

Shredded Vegetables with Plum Sauce 梅醬十九上素 (58 RMB) was a tower of fried taro sticks and an assortment of shredded vegetables – turnips, red bell pepper, mango, cucumber, and the likes. A refreshing plate especially when drizzled with the accompanying plum sauce.

Crispy Salted Chicken 脆皮鹹雞 (68 RMB) hovered over a little mound of marinated jelly fish slices. Very crispy indeed.

Bean Curd Pork Wrap in Chicken Soup 雞汁百葉包 (38 RMB) was pedestrian, nothing to sing about.

Pine Mushroom Soup with Wild Bamboo Fungus 松茸燉野生竹苼 (118 RMB/bowl) was a satisfying bowl, but 118 RMB? Hmm…

Crab Roe with Toast 蟹粉拌吐司 (388 RMB) was a thick, gooey medley of hairy crab meat and roe. Drizzle with a bit of vinegar and spread it over a piece of toast. Good stuff.

For those who have not seen/tasted sea cucumber before, Sea Cucumber Braised with Scallions 蔥燒關東遼參 (260 RMB/serving) probably appear rather repulsive. This oblong-shaped, slimy creature is distantly related to star fish and sea urchins, and is in fact a priced ingredient in Chinese cuisine. I’m ambivalent towards this dish – not really a big fan of this but wouldn’t mind if it’s put in front of me – so this is not something I’d order by default, especially ay 260 RMB a piece.

Next was Steamed Hilsa Herring in Huadiao Wine 陳年花雕蒸鰣魚 (358 RMB). This expensive fish is known for its tender meat, but it was so much trouble to eat because it had about a million tiny bones in just a small fillet. Skip this dish if you are lazy.

Apparently the fish scale of this particular breed can be eaten during certain parts of the year (before April?) when it’s still soft and gelatinous. Right now it’s definitely not the season…I tried.

Green Pea with Ham 火丁豌豆 (68 RMB), too salty. 

Sauteed Pea Shoots 清炒豆苗 (68 RMB), too tough.

Abalone Tarts 原汁鮑魚雞粒酥 (50 RMB/each) were just ok, not the best way to handle abalone in my opinion. 

Both desserts I tried – Rum & Raisin Semifreddo 郎姆酒葡萄乾冰糕 (38 RMB/each) and Glutinous Rice Balls with Osmanthus and Fermented Rice 桂花酒釀園子 (38 RMB/bowl) – were mediocre. Not memorable in any way.

The verdict? Poor price/performance ratio. Unless you are looking to impress potential business partners or government officials, I recommend just going to Fu 1039, Fu 1088, or any other reasonably priced and equally (if not more) delicious Shanghainese restaurants in town. No need to waste money here.

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October 25th, 2011 at 12:24 am