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[Barcelona] Taktika Berri

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Taktika Berri

Add: Carrer Valencia, 169, Barcelona, 08011
Tel: +34 934 534 759
Hours: 1~4pm, 8:30-11pm (closed Sat evening and Sun)
Price: €1.45/pintxos
Visited on: Jan 2013

Dinner at Taktika Berri was hands down the most memorable meal I had in Barcelona. This restaurant/bar specializes in pintxos – bite-sized delicacies held together with toothpicks – and is recognized by many as the best Basque restaurant in Barcelona. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is convivial, and what makes the experience all the more unforgettable is the system of eating here. More details below.

Here is what to do. Get here early to line up at the door, preferably 10~15 minutes before the restaurant opens. As soon as the door opens, try to get a seat at the bar as close to the inside as possible, which will make life much easier later on. Once you are seated, ask for a plate. Cold pinchos will be placed on the bar, feel free to grab whatever you fancy eating, just make sure you save all the toothpicks. Don’t be alarmed if there are hands reaching over you to get the food – this is completely normal. Hot dishes will come out one by one haphazardly, and the popular items will go fast so do make an effort to get them before they disappear (and this is why you should sit as close to the inner end of the bar as possible).

It’s totally mad, and it’s totally fun.

Don’t forget to try a glass of Txakoli (€1.80), a slightly sparkling, very dry white wine typical in the Basque Country.

Last advice: come really, really hungry for the glorious procession of pintxos…

At the end of the meal, simply count the toothpicks you have on your plate, and the staff will tell you how much to pay (€1.45/pintxos). Somehow I managed to stuff down 19 pintxos when the average seemed to hover around 10…Thoroughly full, thoroughly satisfied.

End with a digestif.

Need I say more? Come early, come hungry.

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February 19th, 2013 at 2:58 am