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[Shanghai] Hof (2)

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Add: 30 Sinan Lu, near Huaihai Zhong Lu 思南路30号, 近淮海中路
Tel: 6093 2058 / 6093 2052
Hours: [Tue-Thu] 11am-midnight [Fri-Sun] 11am-1am
Price: [cakes] 30~42 RMB [truffles] 10-13 RMB [wine] 38-55 RMB/glass
Visited: Nov 2011

Hof is old news, but its selection of chocolate desserts never fails to draw a steady crowd.

I arrived at 2pm sharp to claim my reservation, and was luckily given the innermost sofa seats.

The two of us went a little crazy and ordered 4 cakes and 3 chocolate truffles…but you can’t blame us, everything looked too alluring. And yes, we finished ’em all. Mmhmm.

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November 26th, 2011 at 4:46 pm

[Shanghai] Hof

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Add: 30 Sinan Lu, near Huaihai Zhong Lu / 思南路30号, 近淮海中路
Tel: 6093 2058 / 6093 2052
Hours: [Tue-Thu] 11-12am, [Fri-Sun] 11-1am
Price: [cakes] ~35 RMB [cocktails] 55-88 RMB
Visited: Nov 2010

Chocolate. Chocolate mud cake. Orange chocolate mud cake. Orange chocolate mud cake with caramel. Orange chocolate mud cake with caramel and sea salt. Stop. This is it. This is THE ultimate combination you are looking for, and you can find it at Hof, a dessert and cocktail lounge on Sinan Lu.

But let’s back up and take a bird’s eye view of what Hof offers. First, the desserts, which are grouped into several categories: “Chocolate Temptations”, “Simplicity” (e.g. home-made yogurt with yuzu honey, rose-honey panna cotta with kumquat compote), and “Iced Treats, Gelato, & Sorbet”.

And of course there are chocolate truffles, which always garner easy ohhs and ahhs. At Hof, the most popular would be the original flavor – 72% Venezuela truffle, but try some of the more exotic creations like osmanthus, jasmine, or iced lychee martini white chocolate truffle. All soft and smooth, and each striking a high note on the different imbued flavors.

Most people come here for desserts, but there are also light sandwiches and pizzas for those who are hungry.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the orange chocolate mud cake with caramel and sea salt (35 RMB). Dense chocolate cake, buttery caramel glaze, orange confit, and a sprinkle of sea salt. Each element is a little bit of joy on its own, and together they make an absolutely irresistible combination. The cake is so rich that it actually does have a mud-like texture, while sea salt gave extra depth to the flavors.

I didn’t like the chocolate & caramel mouse cake (36 RMB) for its lack of texture variation, but liked the flavor and crunch of death by chocolate (35 RMB).

To avoid the wait, come at odd hours or make a reservation (on weekends, they only take reservations before 2pm). Or, you can check out other ventures by Brian Tan – House of Flour, C by House of Flour, and the newly opened Hof in Pudong DBS Tower.

By the way, Hof cupcakes can be custom-ordered for special occasions at 12~15RMB/piece. Click here for an updated review on Hof.

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Written by sugarednspiced

November 14th, 2010 at 4:38 pm