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[Sri Lanka 斯里蘭卡] Amangalla 安縵伽拉

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Add: 10 Church Street, Fort, Galle, Sri Lanka
Tel: +94 91 223 3388
Price: 725 USD/night and up
Visited: Oct 2017

It was such a pleasant surprise to discover that there is an Aman property in Galle, Sri Lanka, where I would be attending a wedding. Set within the ramparts of the Galle Fort, Amangalla is part of this more than 400-year-told UNESCO World Heritage Site. I immediately reserved for three nights, eager to experience living on this historical site…but a few days before departure, I received an email from the hotel saying that their AC system broke down. Uh oh.


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The hotel proposed three options: 1) Move my reservation to Amanwella (stunning property, but two hours away from Galle and too far for the wedding festivities), 2) Reserve a boutique hotel in Galle on my behalf (but…but Aman!), and 3) Provide a small portable AC in the room (Is that going to work given the intense humidity of Southeast Asia?) Hmm…tough one.

In the end I decided to stay with Amangalla, and…what a charming stay it turned out to be!

酒店給了三個方案:1)改訂至另一家安缦酒店Amanwella(車程兩小時,這次去參加婚禮不方便),2)幫我預定加勒另一家精品酒店(可是就想住安缦呀!),以及 3)在房內提供移動型小冷氣(東南亞熱帶天氣,小冷氣有用嗎?)…唔,棘手啊。



Galle’s tumultuous history spans more than 400 years, and Amangalla, nestled within its fort, reflects this deep history. Built in 1684 and once used as an army command center, it was later renovated to become the New Oriental Hotel in 1865. Its last owner, Ms. Nesta, sold the property to Aman on her 90th birthday, with all but one request – that the only house on the property to be kept for her husband, who, to this date, still travels to Galle from London once in a while.

斯里蘭卡曾被葡萄牙、荷蘭、英國殖民,而安缦伽拉也體現了這數百年來的曆史文化變遷。始建于1684年的建築曾作爲殖民地駐軍的指揮部,後來于1865年被改建成了新東方酒店(New Oriental Hotel),最後一任主人Nesta女士在她90歲生日這天把幾代相傳的房産賣給了安缦集團,唯一要求是要將建築群內的獨棟別墅留給她先生Rainey(如今他住在倫敦,寒冬時都會回來度假呢)。



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