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[Tokyo 東京] The SG Club

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The SG Club

Add: 1-7-8 Jinnan, Shibuya, Tokyo
Tel: 03-6427-0204
Hours: 2pm-2am
Price: [Guzzle] 1,100-1,800 yen/cocktail [Sip] 1,800-2,500 yen/cocktail
Visited on: Sep 2018

Those who are fascinated by the world of cocktails must be quite familiar with Speak Low and Sober Company. These two cocktail bars in Shanghai, founded by Shingo Gokan of the New York Angel’s Share fame, have been popular ever since their openings, and became even hotter after being on Asia’s 50 Best Bars a few years in a row. After establishing a strong base in Shanghai, Shingo and his team returned to Tokyo this year and opened their first ever bar in Japan.

喜歡調酒的你,一定對 Speak LowSober Company 不陌生。這兩家位于上海的酒吧由從紐約紅回亞洲的日本調酒師 Shingo Gokan 主理,不僅開幕就一炮而紅,在連續幾年得到 Asia’s 50 Best Bars 排名之後更是一座難求。在上海奠定基礎後,Shingo 和他的團隊于今年六月回到日本,在競爭激烈的東京開了他們首家位于自己本國的酒吧。

Tokyo 東京 The SG Club

They named their Tokyo bar “The SG Club” and placed it in Shibuya, which is an area often associated with images of 109 girls, but the bar is located slightly outside of the hustle and bustle, in a more quiet area known as “大人の渋谷” (adult’s shibuya). The bar is consisted of the casual and lively “Guzzle” on the first floor, and the more elegantly appointed “Sip” in the basement (S + G = SG Club).

東京店 The SG Club 的地點在涉谷區,不過不是大家首先想到的109辣妹一帶,而是稍微外圍一些,被稱爲 “大人の渋谷” 的熟齡區域。The SG Club 分爲兩樓,一樓是比較輕松的 Guzzle(意思是 “大口喝”),地下一層則是氣氛優雅的 Sip(“小口啜飲”),而 Sip 和 Guzzle 加起來就成了 SG,也是店名的由來。

Tokyo 東京 The SG Club

There are certainly many similarities between The SG Club and Speak Low, but the former has been inserted with some Japanese characteristics, such as signs written in Edo period Japanese, and ceilings adorned with tatami frames. There are also a few elements Shingo brought back from New York, like the in-house shoe-shining service (yes, there’s actually professional shoe shiner on-site).

The SG Club 和 Speak Low 有不少相似之處,不過在裝潢上更多了一些日式風格,比如用江戶時代日語書寫的指示牌以及榻榻米框架的天花板。店裏也加入了不少 Shingo 從紐約帶回來的元素,比如給客人擦鞋的空間(店員裏還真的有一位很專業的擦鞋師傅)。

Tokyo 東京 The SG Club

The vibe at Guzzle is casual and lively, with more straight-forward cocktails (1,100-1,800 yen) such as this New York Lemonade composed of clarified milk punch and Ch. Igai Takaha red wine. There’s no need to stir before drinking, and as the ratio changes slightly from sip to sip, the flavors also evolve.

Guzzle 的氣氛輕松熱絡,調酒較簡單(約1,100-1,800日幣),比如這杯 New York Lemonade 僅由 clarified milk punch 和 Ch. Igai Takaha 紅酒兩個元素組成,喝時無需攪拌,每一口的風味都在變化。

Tokyo 東京 The SG Club

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November 6th, 2018 at 8:15 am