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[Tokyo 東京] Kioicho Mitani 紀尾井町 三谷

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紀尾井町 三谷 Mitani Kioicho

Add: 3F Kioicho Terrace, 1-3 Kioicho, Chiyoda, Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-6256-9566
Hours: lunch and dinner
Price: ~32,000 yen
Visited: Sep 2018

There are certain sushi restaurants in Tokyo that are simply impossible to book, such as Yotsuya Mitani. This tiny 9-seat sushi bar serves dinner only, and the next opening – even if you are introduced by a frequent customer – is apparently 2 years away. Fortunately for those who are eager to get a taste of what Mitani is about, a sister restaurant was opened two years ago in Kioicho. While dinner reservations here also need to be made months in advance, lunch is much easier…(reservation available via

東京有一些永遠訂不到的壽司店,四ツ谷的三谷(Yotsuya Mitani)就是其中一家。這小小的9人座壽司吧只有晚餐營業,不僅必須通過介紹人才能預約,而且即是如此都要等到兩年後才有位子,是個不可能的任務。不過兩年多前三谷在紀尾井町開了分店,雖然晚餐的訂位也是要到好幾個月後了,但是午餐顯然比較容易,朋友順利幫我訂到了位子。


Mitani Kioicho is larger than the original restaurant, with a bar that seats 12 and a private room that accomodates 4-6. I went by myself for lunch, and was seated at the corner to be served by head chef Takano-san (the gentleman in glasses in the photo below).



If I understood his Japanese correctly, Takano-san had been working with Mitani-san for years in another restaurant before Mitani Yotsuya opened. After yet a few more years together at Mitani Yotsuya, Takano-san was entrusted with the responsibility of heading up the sister restaurant when it opened two years ago. Bonus point: not only is Takano-san chatty and all smiles, he also speaks some English so no worries if you don’t understand Japanese.

如果我日文理解沒有錯誤的話,高野師傅在三谷師傅開店前就和他一起工作多年,稱他爲自己的 “master”。後來在四ツ谷三谷工作數年後,來到在紀尾井町三谷擔任店長一職,是位功力紮實、非常健談的一位壽司師傅,聊天時總是笑容滿面。他會說一些簡單的英語,完全不會日語的食客也不需要太擔心。


First came a clear soup of clams with uni from Rishiri Island, Hokkaido. Naturally sweet and full of umami, a most charming start to a meal.



Kioicho Mitani 紀尾井町 三谷

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