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[Taipei 台北] Tahara Ryogo Pop-Up 田原諒悟的實驗廚房

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After an absolutely enthralling meal at Florilège last month in Tokyo, I received an extra surprise at the end – that they are going to open a sister restaurant named “logy” in Taipei this fall. Ryogo Tahara, previously sous chef at Florilège, has been entrusted with the task of running the new restaurant, and has already moved to Taiwan to familiarize himself with the island’s abundance of local produce. Just last night, I had the pleasure of tasting some fruits of his exploration at a pop-up dinner at Fika Fika Coffee Lab.

上個月在東京 Florilège 用餐時聽說他們預計今年十一月要在台北開分店,當時就忍不住在心裏默默跳了一下 my happy dance。掌管新餐廳 “logy” 的田原諒悟先生(原 Florilège 副主廚)早在幾個月前就搬來台灣,花了不少時間環島認識當地食材。就在昨晚,我很幸運地有機會參加他在 Fika Fika Coffee Lab 舉辦的實驗廚房,品嚐了他這幾個月研究下來的一些成果。



Fika Fika Coffee Lab is the roasting space of Fika Fika, a Scandinavian-style cafe in Taipei opened by James Chen, the 2013 champion of Nordic Barista Cup. The roastery is not open to public except on special occasions such as last night, when the open kitchen gets taken over by a visiting chef.

Fika Fika Coffee Lab 是台北著名咖啡店 Fika Fika Cafe 的烘焙空間,由 2013 年北歐杯咖啡烘焙賽冠軍陳志煌先生所經營。這個空間平時純粹用來烘焙咖啡豆,只有在特定場合(比如昨晚的快閃餐會)才會開放給事先訂位的客人們。


It’s an intimate 8-seater bar surrounding the open kitchen, and I was one of the lucky diners who had a chance to experience chef Tahara’s magic. Prior to Florilege, he honed his culinary skills in Italy, working at Michelin star-studded establishments such as Ristorante La Torre del Saracino (Campagna), Restaurant Schöneck (Alto Adige), and Ristorante la Ciau del Tornavento (Piemonte). It goes without saying that we were in it for a real Italian treat…

Fika Fika Coffee Lab 的開放式廚房僅有八個吧台坐位,而我非常幸運地成為其中一位得以品嚐田原主廚的魔法料理的食客。在 Florilege 擔任副主廚之前,田原先生曾在義大利習藝多年,先後在數個米其林餐廳工作過,包括 Ristorante La Torre del Saracino (Campagna), Restaurant Schöneck (Alto Adige), 以及 Ristorante la Ciau del Tornavento (Piemonte)。他的料理以義大利烹飪手法為基礎,加上日式元素和台灣食材,令人萬分期待。


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October 27th, 2018 at 8:49 am

[Tokyo 東京] フロリレージュ Florilège

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フロリレージュ Florilège

Add:B1 SEIZAN Gaien, 2-5-4, Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
Price:[lunch] 7,000 yen [dinner] 13,000 yen (+tax and service charge)
Visited:Sep 2018

I’ve been hearing such great things about Florilège (2 Michelin stars and #3 in Asian’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018) in the past two years that, as soon as my most recent Tokyo trip was confirmed, I made it top priority to reserve a much coveted seat at this French-inspired restaurant in Jingumae. Thanks to the wonderful Ms. J of TastyTrip, I was able to bypass the online waitlist and get a pretty last minute reservation at lunch. (Merci! Bisous!)

這家位于神宮前的法式餐廳 Florilège 近幾年聲名大噪(米其林二星,亞洲50最佳餐廳排名第三),我想去好一陣子了。這次東京之行來的突然,想訂位時已經全部客滿,還好拖了朋友的福(謝謝 TastyTrip 的 J 小姐),非常臨時地幫我訂到了午餐位子。


Florilège is the French word for “anthology”, a collection of beautiful poems like flowers. Chef/owner Hiroyasu Kawate purposefully picked this word as he believes that a restaurant isn’t the work of any one single person, but rather is a collection of respect and passion by the producers and chefs, and also warm support by others.

Florilège 的意思是 “如花般優美的詩集”。如此詩情畫意的名字,爲主廚/老板川手寬康所取 – 因爲餐廳不可能由一人完成,需要很多人一起努力…“我希望,Florilège 是與團隊共同譜寫的詩篇。” 哎呀,還沒嚐到到他的料理,已經有點感動了。


Chef Kawate was born into the restaurant business – his father ran a western-style restaurant, his older brother works a Chinese cuisine chef, and his younger brother as a sushi chef. I read in an earlier interview in which chef Kawate joked that he knew, since kindergarten, that when he grows up he would either become a chef or Anpanman (laughs). After spending his formative kitchen years in France, he returned to Tokyo, passing through legendary establishments like Quintessence (which I visited and was blown away by over 7 years ago…oh my) where he worked as sous chef, before launching his own restaurant in 2009.

川手主廚成長於餐飲業家族,父親是西餐廚師,哥哥是中菜師傅,表弟是壽司廚師。之前他在接受某訪問時曾笑稱 “幼稚園時就知道,自己長大後不是做廚師,就是成爲面包超人”。他赴法習藝回到東京後在鼎鼎大名的 Quintessence 擔任副主廚,並于 2009 年開出了自己的餐廳。


The design of Florilège is not unlike that of a theater, with the open kitchen as the main stage, and 16 spectator seats surrounding it (a private room that seats 6 is also available). The fluidity between the kitchen and the tables allow chefs to flow freely in between, presenting freshly-plated dishes to the amused guests.

餐廳的設計像劇場般,共有22個座位圍繞著開放式廚房,廚師完成料理後直接將盤子遞給客人並做解說。川手主廚說這個不分內外場的空間是他所想要的一體感 – 客人與廚房、廚房與食材,整個餐廳與用餐體驗是連成一線的。


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September 21st, 2018 at 3:01 am