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[Tokyo] Hiranoya Sweet Beans 平野屋 甘納豆

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Address: 東京都墨田区東駒形3-22-7
Tel: 03-3622-5244
Hours: 9:00am~7:00pm (~6:00pm on Sunday)
Tasted on: 2012-03-23

I know, I know, these are not the prettiest thing you’ve seen all week, but these little beans are quite delicious! If you can read Japanese, scroll to the bottom of this page for an introduction on Hiranoya, the shop where I got these Japanese sweet beans from. If you can’t read Japanese, here’s the gist: Hiranoya is a sweet bean specialty store in Tokyo, originally started by the father of current shop owner Takashiba-san. Through trial-and-error, Takashiba-san has improved his father’s creations, and developed tailored cooking methods for each type of bean to produce the perfect taste and texture. All colors are natural,  no additives are used.

Without further ado,  here are the beans.

The packaging I got included two types of beans: お多福甘納豆 made from broad beans, and 大納言甘納豆 made from adzuki beans. Different textures, both very sweet, definitely need a cup of tea with these.

平野屋 甘納豆 (via)
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March 24th, 2012 at 9:22 am