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[Tokyo 東京] Higashiya

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Higashiya Ginza

Add: 2F Pola Bldg Ginza, Chuo Ku / 中央区銀座 1-7-7 ポーラ銀座ビル 2F
Tel: +81-3-3538-3240
Hours: [Tue-Sat] 11am-10pm [Sun] 11am-7pm
Price: [tea] 1,400~1,500 yen
Visited: Oct 2016

My favorite spot for Japanese tea and sweets on this trip to Tokyo was Yakumo Saryo, but if your itinerary is too rushed and don’t have time to venture out to this neighborhood, perhaps you can try Higashiya, another Japanese sweets establishment by the same designer Shinichiro Ogata, conveniently located in Ginza. Higashiya was established with the goal of creating modern wagashi (Japanese sweets) that can be enjoyed on a daily basis, hence the name “higashiya” (“hi” means day in Japanese).

如果你在東京的行程很趕,沒有時間到目黑區去尋找八雲茶寮的話,那可以試試同樣出自緒方慎一郎之手,位于銀座的 Higashiya。Higashiya 原本是家沿著目黑川的小店,品牌的初衷是將和菓子帶回到人們日常生活中,做出 “每天吃也不會膩的果子”,因此名爲 Higashiya(日菓子屋)。


The Ginza shop opened in 2009, composed of a boutique space and a 40-seat tea salon. A white canvas noren hangs at the entrance, and walking through it is like entering another space, leaving all earthly worries out behind. Unfortunately photos are not allowed inside the shop, so here’s a quick sneak peek. If you would like to see more, take a look at their beautiful website.

2009 年開幕的 Higashiya 銀座店位于ポーラ銀座ビル的二樓,首先穿過似乎可以把煩惱擋在門外的布簾,先看到的是和菓子的櫃台,往裏走才是茶室。店員表示緒方先生不希望客人在店裏拍照,所以在這裏就沒有太多照片可以放,喜歡的話可以上官網瞧瞧。不過總之茶館裏的裝潢風格結合了現代和日式傳統,桌椅均為木質,沒有太過華麗的擺飾,簡單大方。



In addition to seasonal desserts, Higashiya offers a diverse selection of Japanese sweets and original tableware, 30 varieties of tea, as well as lunch menus and afternoon tea using seasonal ingredients.



My choice of seasonal tea was a blend of bancha, hojicha, persimmon, and persimmon leaves, and with that, I picked the same wagashi I tried at Yakumo Saryo, the kabosu – composed of the confit of a thin peel of kabosu citrus from Oita Prefecture wrapping house-made red bean paste. The set is 1,600 yen.

我選了季節的柿子茶,由番茶、焙茶、柿子、和柿子葉制成。搭配的和菓子是 “かぼす” (Kabosu),將大分縣産的酸橘糖漬過後包了自制的紅豆餡,橘皮清新的香氣和微苦的風味結合紅豆餡,太迷人。套餐價格 1,600 日幣。



For this afternoon tea, I was lucky to be joined by Ms. A from Une Fille aux Cheveux Noirs who I haven’t seen since leaving Paris over a year ago. Her choice for the afternoon tea is the matcha wagashi set (1,500 yen).

這次的下午茶,很幸運的有好久不見的 A小姐 陪伴,上一次在巴黎碰面已經一年多前了吧?沒想到能在東京約到她。A小姐選擇的是抹茶和菓子套餐(1,500日幣)。



Some dried fruits and vegetable thins that came with the teas. Not impressive in their looks, but surprisingly delicious.



We also tried Higashiya’s 8 mochi assortment (1,500 yen), with flavors in red beans, seaweed, soy sauce, miso etc. It’s fun to discover each of them one by one and figuring out our favorites (miso for me).

另外 Higashiya 也有一些 “間食”,其中我們嚐了 “八種餅”(1,500日幣),有紅豆、海苔、醬油、味噌等八種口味的麻薯。其中我很喜歡味噌和黃豆口味的,不過其實都很不錯。


Higashiya also has a little stand in Minami-Aoyama, called Higashiya MAN. The “MAN” seems to suggest that it’s a men’s clothing shop, but no, it’s named so because the shop sells “manju”, a steamed dumpling wrapping various fillings. Cute, no? Be sure to drop by if you were in the neighborhood.

Higashiya 在南青山也有一小分店,不過小小的,大概就是這個樣子。因爲專賣 manju(饅頭、包子)的關系所以叫做 Higashiya Man,很可愛吧。如果你剛好在南青山附近,不要錯過它嘍。



Higashiya Ginza

地址:中央區 銀座 1-7-7 ポーラ銀座ビル 2F
營業時間:周二-六 11am-10pm 周日以及假日 11am-7pm
價位:茶 1,400~1,500 日幣

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