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[Taipei] Wellspring Spa 沐蘭 Spa

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Wellspring Spa 沐蘭 Spa at The Regent Taipei

Address: 20/F The Regent Taipei, 41 Chungshang N. Road, Section 2, Taipei
.              台北市中山南路2段41號晶華酒店20樓
Tel: (02) 2523 2828
Hours: 10:00am~10:00pm
Price: Traveler’s Perk (1 hr 45 min) 4,200 NTD
Visited on:  2012-01-25

I discovered Wellspring Spa at The Regent Taipei on a recent trip to Taiwan, and I was thoroughly impressed. Take a look at the pictures below and you’ll understand. Then, do yourself a favor and book a treatment right away. Thank me later ;)

Wellspring Spa at The Regent Taipei

Waiting area

The spacious reception area, with the sound of trickling water, is instantly calming.


Body scrub

After filling out a simple survey, we were led through the hallway to our treatment room “沐” (Mu).


“Mu” Room

The suite, furnished with materials imported from Bali and Europe, is equipped with a giant bed, a window-side lounge, two massage beds, a changing room, a shower/steam room, a bathtub, and a separate bathroom. All in an elegant beige and wood color scheme.

Therapy room

By the window, two pots of freshly brewed ginger tea awaited.

Window lounge bed

Warm ginger tea

A huuuge bed.

A huge bed

The treatment beds, heated!

Overview of the room

The changing area, with bathrobes, towels, slippers, and a safe for your important belongings. The chair is a considerate touch.

Changing room

A selection of massage oils to choose from, all blended with essential oils and botanical carrier oils.

Massage oils

A gigantic bathtub.

Bath tub

The duo-function shower and steam room.

Shower + steam room

View from the bath tub

Taipei city isn’t always pretty to look at, and the shades of green at the window neatly blocked out the hustle and bustle.


The treatment we reserved for, Traveler’s Perk (1 hr 45 min, 4,200 NTD), is a unique approach that aims to reduce mental stress and physical tension. It all started with a warm foot bath at the window-side lounge bed…

Foot bath

Then, we laid down on the heated massage beds, and commenced the 1 hour massage. Our therapists incorporated various techniques including palm pressure, thumb rolling, long strokes, kneading, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi and Chinese Tapotement, and we soon entered a half-conscious state of relaxation.

Massage beds

Below the headrest, a bowl of fresh flowers. What a pleasure to gaze at :)

Fresh flowers

Before we know it, an hour has gone by. When we opened our eyes, the hot bath was already drawn (we did not hear a sound of it), with refreshments prepared by the tub side.

Bath time


Rose petals

What I was most impressed with, other than the amazing suite itself, was the professionalism of our therapists. The manner in which they moved about was smooth and comforting, and each of their gestures seemed to be calculated with utmost consideration. If you are looking for a pampering experience, book yourself a treatment at Wellspring Spa. You will not be disappointed.

View from the bath tub

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