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[Taipei 台北] Quelques Pâtisseries 某某。甜点

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Quelques Pâtisseries 某某。甜点

Add: 34, Lane 102, Section 1, Anhe Road, Taipei
Tel: (02) 2755 4097
Hours: Wed-Sun 1-7pm (closed Mon & Tue)
Price: [pastries] 160-200 TWD [tea] 110-120 TWD
Visited: Jun 2016

There has been a burst in growth of French-style pastry shops in Taipei during the past few years, and actually, quite a few of them were opened by fellow alums from Ferrandi, where I had completed my professional pastry training. On this recent trip back to Taipei, I visited one of them called Quelques Pâtisseries, which literally means “a few pastries” in French. Cute, no?

台北近幾年來法式甜點店一家接著一家開,其中不少是由和我在巴黎同一所學校(Ferrandi費杭第高等廚藝學院)的校友所經營。這次在台北短短幾天,在僅能擠出時間探訪了一家的情況下,我選擇了去年底才開幕的 “Quelques Pâtisseries 某某。甜點”。

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The shop was started by two girls – Lai, who is in charge of the kitchen, and Jiou Jiou (the cutiepie below), who takes care of everything front of house. I met both of them at Ferrandi, and knowing that they are two perfectionists, it’s no surprise that Quelques Pâtisseries is lovely from head to toe – the interior design, decoration, furniture, and of course, the pastries themselves.

Quelques pâtisseries 法文直譯的意思是 “幾個甜點”,很可愛的名字。負責外場的 Jiou Jiou(下圖裏的小美女)和內場的 Lai 都是我在 Ferrandi 的好朋友,兩個完美主義者組合在一起,也難怪某某從店裝到甜點的每個細節都令人無可挑剔。

L1157223 2

L1157018 2

I mean, just look at these…beautiful like jewelry pieces, quietly sitting in the display window. I was so close to getting one of each.

蛋糕櫃裏的甜點們像珠寶般亮晶晶的,看著實在賞心悅目,讓我有種想說 “每個都來一份吧!” 的衝動。

L1157020 2

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Quelques Pâtisseries is quite spacious, but they’ve only put in limited numbers of tables and chairs, seating only around 16-18. I like how the copious amount of space between tables, so that it doesn’t feel crowded even when the shop is full.


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Lovely dry flower arrangements throughout the boutique.


L1156989 2

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So, here’s my afternoon tea. No, I didn’t end up getting one of each pastry, but was still very happy with this selection.


L1157084 2

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I started with Saint Honoré Ananas Thé Jasmin (200 TWD), composed of a puff pastry base, pineapple cream-filled puffs, vanilla cream and candied pineapple chunks, finished with jasmine tea chantilly dream. The look is adorable, and flavors very refreshing too – I was pleasantly surprised by the pineapple and jasmine tea combination. The only problem is that Taiwan is extremely humid, so that the cream puffs become soggy very quickly…


L1157134 2

L1157193 2

I then tried Oriental Beauty (180 TWD), its pink glaze and red grapefruit making a lovely palette, tempting me even when it was sitting on display. It’s quite mild in terms of flavor, the slight bitterness of grapefruit marmalade and citrus jelly balancing well with the sweetness of the bavarois and cream of oriental beauty (Oolong) tea. Would’ve liked a thicker sablé base though.

第二款東方美人(170台幣),粉嫩的淋面和紅色新鮮葡萄柚搭配起來非常漂亮,還坐在櫥窗櫃裏時就吸引到我了。味道上也非常柔和,葡萄柚微苦的風味很好的平衡了 bavarois 奶油的甜。如果下面的餅乾可以再厚一些,可能會更好。

L1157188 2

L1157182 2

L1157213 2

I had never had Tie Guan Yin (a fermented Oolong tea) in pastries, so was quite eager to try the Tarte Chocolat Dulcey au Thé Tie Guan Yin (170 TWD), though in the end I wish the tea flavor was more pronounced. It’s interesting that they choose to use dulcey (a rather toasted, blond chocolate) instead of milk or dark chocolate, which are frequently used for chocolate tarts. The shell is very thin (around 2.5mm?) so I can imagine to be extremely crisp when fresh out of the oven, but alas with the humidity in Taiwan and the humidity from the chocolate filling, the tart shell was slightly soggy by the time it got to me.


L1157148_2 2
L1157197 2

Cheesecake au Whisky Miel (170 TWD), a simple white finishing decorated with a few cornflower petals and silver sheets, very elegant. The cheesecake itself has two layers, the bottom is a slow-baked cheesecake, while the top is a bavarois, rendering the texture light and pleasant. In terms of flavor, honey and the single malt whisky are equally expressed, a rather intriguing combination.


L1157145 2

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There’s no coffee at Quelques Pâtisseries, but they do offer a lovely selection of tea in collaboration with Thé Beauté, a premium tea shop in Taipei. I first tried the Classic Dong Ding Oolong Tea (110 TWD/cup), which was naturally sweet with a long finish. It also didn’t hurt that it came in a beautiful ceramic cup sitting on a cute little wooden plate.


L1157161 2

I also tried the cold brew of Classic Spring Tea from Tumsong Tea Estate (120 TWD/cup), a blend of leaves from tea trees of different ages to create layers of flavors. And with that, a honey canelé (65 TWD).


L1157240 2

The shop was almost full the entire afternoon despite the fact that I visited on a weekday, and if you can’t find a seat on your visit, you can get the pastries to go…in one of their beautiful black marble-patterned boxes.


L1157043 2

L1157049 2

There’s lots of empty wall space in Quelques Pâtisseries, I imagine they use this for exhibitions from time to time.


L1157055 2

What a charming place! Seeing that my friends from Paris are able to build something of this quality makes me super happy and proud. If you have a sweet tooth and happen to pass by Taipei, do not miss this lovely spot.


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Quelques Pâtisseries 某某。甜點

電話:(02) 2755 4097
營業時間:周三-日 1-7pm
價位:甜點 160-200台幣/個、茶 110-120台幣/杯

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