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[Taipei] Kaohsiung Oden King 高雄黑輪大王

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Kaohsiung Oden King 高雄黑輪大王

Address: 523 Bei An Road, Taipei / 台北市北安路523號
Tel: (02) 2533 6304
Hours: 10:00am~12:00am
Price: 15~35 NTD/oden
Visited on: 2012-01-25

On a cold winter day like this, there’s not much better than a bowl of oden and hot soup as a late night snack. But what is oden, you ask? This winter dish, basically put, consists of skewered items like fish cakes, meat balls, turnips, deep-fried tofu, tofu skin, pig blood cakes, mushrooms…all cooked and bathed in a savory vegetable broth. There are countless street stalls in Taipei selling odens, but if you are not sure where to go, try Kaohsiung Oden King near Exit 2 of MRT Da Zhi Station (捷運大直站) – this is definitely a local favorite.

Kaohsiung Oden King

There’s always a crowd at Kaohsiung Oden King. Most people get the oden to go, but there are a few tables available for “dine in” as well.

The stall

Let the guy with the ladle know which items you want. Point, but don’t touch. All the prices are written up on the headboard, but you really don’t have to care about how much each oden cost – we just ordered whatever we fancied, and the total came up to be only 180 NTD for two people. What a steal!

Take your pick

Pay, and get your odens.

Get the food

Eat ’em while they are hot! My favorites from the evening: tofu skin, turnips, and cabbage-wrapped fish cakes.

Oden feast

Pig blood cake

On the table you’ll find a thickened soy sauce (black) and a sweet spicy sauce (red) – mix the two together and you have the perfect dipping sauce for your odens.


Don’t forget to help yourself to a bowl or two (or more) of hot oden soup. It’s soul warming!


Note: oden is originally a Japanese dish. Read my post on Tokyo’s Konakara to see what a typical Japanese oden meal looks like.

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January 26th, 2012 at 10:48 pm