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[Taipei] Fujin Tree Taiwanese Cuisine & Champagne 富錦樹台菜香檳

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Fujin Tree Taiwanese Cuisine & Champagne 富錦樹台菜香檳

Add: 1F 17, Lane 199, Dun Hua South Road, Taipei / 台北市敦化北路199巷17號1樓
Tel: (02) 8712-8770
Hours: [Tue-Sun] 6-10pm (closed on Mon)
Price: [dishes] 350-1500 NTD [champagne] 450-600 NTD/glass, 2500-2980 NTD/bottle
Visited: Feb 2015

“Fujin Tree Taiwanese Cuisine & Champagne” is the newest establishment by Fujin Tree Group, the folks behind a row of popular cafes and boutiques in the Fujin Road vicinity. The name itself is intriguing, for Taiwanese food + champagne is not an usual combination. The aim is to create a place where one can enjoy Taiwanese cuisine without the frenzy of a typical local restaurant, so they’ve put together a stylish dining room and installed a few bottles of champagne in there to up the game.



The interior design is rather interesting with 14 unique dried plants hanging from the ceiling, designed by 李霽 Joshua Lee. I imagine the vibe to be even more alive during the day, with natural light streaming in from the floor-to-ceiling windows. 



As expected, this place is pricier than typical Taiwanese restaurants. I’m not sure how much exactly it costed each person on the evening of our visit since not everything we ordered were on the menu, and we were also offered a few complimentary dishes thanks to a friend who works here…it started with this 櫻花蝦烘蛋omelet with cherry shrimps.


腐皮油菜花 (not on the menu, ??? NTD), oilseed rape (the plant used to make canola oil) with bean curd sheets.


油條蒜蓉鮮蚵 (550 NTD), fried dough with fresh mini oysters and plenty of chopped garlic, ginger, and red chili peppers.


拌麵 dry noodles, complimentary.


芋頭燉排骨 (not on the menu, ??? NTD), short ribs stewed with taro.


泡菜臭豆腐 (450 NTD), stinky tofu with fermented cabbage.


There are three champagnes to choose from by the glass or by the bottle. Here’s 伯納多金黃香檳 (450 NTD/glass), Bernard Tornay “Carte d’Or” Brut Champagne.


Desserts, 百香果塔 passion fruit tart, complimentary.


Good food, higher prices, pleasant environment. After Si Zhi Tang, this is another option for those who want to try Taiwanese cuisine with a modern twist, or for foreigners who would like to taste some local flavors without the hustle and bustle.

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February 18th, 2015 at 2:51 am