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[Shanghai 上海] Little Catch x Alter

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Little Catch x Alter

Add: L116, 245 Madang Road (Xintiandi Style)
Tel: 5352 0027
Hours: 10am – 9:30pm
Price: 70 rmb + / poke bowl
Visited: Sep 2017

Shanghai has been raining cats and dogs for the past week (and it looks like another few days of thunderstorm ahead of us), so I decided to post about something very sunny: Little Catch Xintiandi just finished renovation, and other than being a pretty place, it’s also offering new poke flavors as well as smoothie bowls that will brighten up the most sour of moods.

眼看上海這一周都是連續暴雨,決定寫篇陽光內容:Little Catch 新天地店裝修完畢,除了地方漂亮之外,還推出了新口味的 poke bowl 波奇飯,以及光看到心情就會缤紛 smoothie bowl 果昔。下一個天晴的日子,就去這裏吧!


I’ve been wanting to write about Little Catch for a while. Its first location – Little Catch Fishmonger – opened on Wulumuqi Road in 2015 and, with its introduction of the Hawaiian poke, it became an instant hit. The shop was tiny, so people either got takeouts or sit out in front on tiny stools, each happy with a bowl of poke in hand.

喜歡 Little Catch 已經好一陣子了。它的一店于 2015 年開在烏魯木齊中路上,名爲 Little Catch Fishmongers。雖然是家海鮮店,但完全不是大家想象中魚腥味彌漫的感覺,乾淨、清新的店面小巧可愛,總是很多人坐在外面的小凳子上吃著 poke bowl,氣氛輕松隨意。


The shop was started by Wen & Jiayi, two sisters who were born in Singapore, raised in Hong Kong, and educated in the U.S. Conveniently, their family has been in the seafood business for a while, which gives the sisters excellent access to good seafood at fair prices.

Little Catch 的老板姐妹花 Wen & Jiayi 來自新加坡,在香港長大、美國念書(後來發現我在巴黎的室友居然是 Jiayi 在紐約大學的同學,#這世界有點小)。兩姐妹的家族做的就是海鮮生意,正好可以給 Little Catch 提供新鮮而且價格合宜的海鮮。


Due to the overwhelming success of Little Catch Fishmonger, they followed with a much more spacious Little Catch Poke Cafe on Taixing Road, and subsequently expanded the first shop as well. Their newest location, a collaboration with clothing boutique Alter, is on the first floor of Xintiandi Style (originally Spread the Bagels). There are two sun-dappled outdoor seating areas, picnic tables, blue and white beach umbrellas…it’s like starting summer all over again.

由于一店非常成功,她們又在泰興路上開了非常寬敞的二店 Little Catch Poke Cafe,也隨即拓寬了一店,讓客人們可以更輕松更舒服地吃碗 poke bowl。而最近才重新裝修完成的三店 Little Catch x Alter 位于新天地時尚一樓街邊的位置(原 Spread the Bagels),是和服飾店 Alter 的合作。陽光滿布的露天座位、野餐桌、藍白相間的海灘陽傘…在這裏坐上片刻,感覺又回到了夏天。


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September 26th, 2017 at 11:53 pm

[Shanghai 上海] Highline

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Add: 6F, Ascott, Hong Kong Plaza, 282 Middle Huaihai Road
Tel: 6333 0176
Hours: 11am~1am
Price: brunch 200+ RMB/person, dinner 350+ RMB/person
Visited: Apr 2017

Highline, located on the 6th floor of the Ascott in Hong Kong Plaza, is the hot place to be at this moment. To be honest, I wasn’t so impressed when I visited last year during its soft-opening stage – yes, the terrace is sexy and sleek, but the food and service were lacklustre at best. Highline has since then undergone a makeover of chefs and menus, and seems to be receiving especially good reviews for its brunch…time to go back for a second look.

開在香港廣場北座雅詩閣酒店 6 樓的 Highline,最近似乎非常熱門。由于是朋友投資的餐廳,去年還未正式開幕時我先去蹓跶過了幾次,但是(雖然這樣說可能對廚房的工作人員有些失禮)當時最讓我驚豔的是它漂亮的露台,而非食物本身。前一陣子聽說換了主廚改了菜單,趁上海天氣正好,我和朋友們挑了個陽光明媚的日子去試了試周末早午餐。




Though I’m quite in love with the terrace, we opted for the indoor sunroom as it was too windy on the day of our visit. First things first upon being seated – a glass of mimosa (68 RMB) to start the day.

雖然是衝著露台來的,不過當天風大而且朋友帶了小baby一起來,所以最後選了室內的陽光屋。落地窗完全打開,整個空間非常通透,舒服地坐下來後先來杯 Mimosa(68元)。

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June 13th, 2017 at 6:01 am

[Shanghai 上海] Cobra Lily 鏡花水月

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Cobra Lily 鏡花水月

Add: No. 19, Alley 181, Taicang Road, Xintiandi, Shanghai
Tel: 5351 0116
Hours: 11:30am~12am
Price: [lunch] 78~128 rmb/set [dinner] 300~350 rmb/person
Visited: Nov 2016

For a very long time, my overall impression for Xintiandi has been: expensive restaurants serving not so amazing food. The recently-opened Cobra Lily, however, is something to be noticed. Brought to you by the team behind The Boxing Cat and Liquid Laundry, Cobra Lily does creative fusion Asian cuisine priced around 100 rmb for lunch and 300 rmb for dinner – it doesn’t get much more reasonable for this neighborhood.

對新天地的總體印象是:餐廳個個價格高、東西卻又不怎麼樣,不過最近 The Boxing Cat 和 Liquid Laundry 的老板們新開的 “Cobra Lily 鏡花水月” 倒有點令人眼睛一亮 - 亞洲創意菜做的很有特色,而且午餐一百左右、晚餐三百左右的價位也不誇張。去了三次之後覺得可以推薦,速速整理下照片分享給你。



Let’s take a look at the decor first. The two-storey space includes a restaurant, a bar, and a DJ stand on the 2nd floor. The designer kept the original Shikumen structure while incorporating modern oriental elements – wall illustrations, vases, napkins, cushions…sprinkled here and there.




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December 15th, 2016 at 5:36 am

[Shanghai] Hai Pai Afternoon Tea at Andaz

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Hai Pai at Andaz

Add: Andaz Shanghai, 88 Songshan Lu, near Taicang Lu / 嵩山路88号上海安达仕酒店1楼, 近太仓路
Tel: 2310 1720
Hours: [afternoon tea] 2:30~5:30pm
Price: 258 RMB + 15%/set for two
Visited: Feb 2012

Fellow afternoon tea-ers, here’s a new spot for you in Xintiandi. Andaz Hotel’s Hai Pai, a fusion restaurant with a modern Shanghainese spirit, recently launched afternoon tea service in both of its compartments. The right side is of a modern Shanghainese decor, while the left is in the style of a French bistro.

Hai Pai afternoon tea (258 RMB + 15%/set for two) is definitely one of the more affordable hotel afternoon tea sets out there. What it includes: the savory – 6 small dim sums, 2 cheese and ham sandwiches, 2 smoked salmon sandwiches and 2 mini lobster tarts; the sweet – 4 flavors of eclairs, 2 green tea madeleines, and 2 honey lemon madeleines. The size is about just right – it won’t leave you stuffed, but you probably won’t be needing a full dinner after this either.

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March 11th, 2012 at 9:14 am

[Shanghai] Éclair at Andaz

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Éclair at Andaz

Add: Andaz Shanghai, 88 Songshan Lu / 嵩山路88号上海安达仕酒店1楼
Tel: 2310 1720
Hours: 7am~10pm
Price: 18 RMB/eclair, 30~50 RMB/coffee or tea
Visited: Feb 2012

Éclair at Andaz specializes in – you’ve guessed it – éclairs. But before we go on, here are a few words on Andaz for those of you who are unfamiliar with this hotel collection. It is Hyatt’s new line of contemporary, boutique-inspired hotels, located in hip cities around the world like London, New York, and LA. Shanghai’s Andaz, opened only a few months ago in October 2011, is the first in Asia and the sixth in the world. Next time you are in Xintiandi, be sure to drop by and check out its chic designs.

Back to Éclairs, where éclairs take center stage. These oblong-shaped pastries are made from pâte à choux, baked until crisp and hollow inside, then filled with flavored pastry cream and glazed with fondant icing. The word éclair actually came from a French word meaning “lightning” or “flash of lightning”…Why? Je ne sais pas.

Also available: a selection of chocolates, cupcakes, tarts, quiches, breads, and the likes.

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February 21st, 2012 at 9:22 pm

[Shanghai] T8 Restaurant & Bar

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T8 Restaurant & Bar

Add: Xintiandi North Block, Lane 181 Taicang Lu / 太仓路181号,新天地北里
Tel: 6355 8999
Hours: [lunch] 11:30am-2:30pm [afternoon tea] 2:30-5:30pm [dinner] 6:30-11:30pm
Price: [dinner] 500+ RMB/person [brunch] 258-498 RMB/person
Visited: Sep 2010

Restaurant Week Stop #2: T8 Restaurant and Bar, Asian-inspired fusion cuisine tucked away in one of the back alleys in Xintiandi.

t8-exterior 2

Like the utensils, dislike the bread.

As part of the Restaurant Week, T8 put together the following menu (lunch 118 RMB/person), starting with poached local baby lobster, Spanish ham, asparagus, burnt onion mayonnaise, radish, crispy rice paper. Alright.

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September 17th, 2010 at 10:25 pm