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[Chengdu 成都] Wuzao Cafe 無早小食

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Wuzao Cafe 無早小食

Add: 5-2 Qinglian Upper Street, Chengdu / 成都市青蓮上街5號附2號
Tel: (028) 8600 8230
Hours: 12-8pm
Price: approx. 60 RMB/person
Visited: Aug 2017

I visited Wuzao on my first afternoon in Chengdu. This little cafe run by two friends –  Rosa and Sharon – is Japanese in style and cute in every corner. I tried the adzuki beans / matcha pancakes with matcha syrup (thick and fluffy, not too sweet), paired with a summer-only iced matcha latte (unfortunately tasted a bit watery). The yuzu chiffon cake sounded charming as well, though I didn’t have room for it anymore after the pancakes – next time. Don’t forget to visit Rosa Books right next door, an independent book shop run by the same owners.

抵達成都的第一個下午就來到無早小食,這家可愛的日式喫茶店裏處處體現了店主們 Rosa 和 Sharon 的用心。到訪時門口的木牌已寫著 “今日主食售罄”,那就來份甜點吧。紅豆松餅搭配宇治抹茶糖漿(做的是日式風格的厚松餅),再加一杯夏日限定的奶蓋冰抹茶(個人覺得茶味奶味再濃一些就更好了)。柚子戚風蛋糕聽起來很誘人,當時怕吃不下所以沒點,現在後悔了。別忘了去隔壁 Rosa Books 獨立書店翻翻雜志雜貨,是同一個老板開的哦。





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September 2nd, 2017 at 4:24 pm