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[Chengdu 成都] The Mondoli’s Blood

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The Mondoli’s Blood

Add: 40 Huapaifang Street Wuli Factory / 成都市花牌坊街40號無里創意工廠
Tel: N/A
Hours: 1-8pm
Price: ~40 RMB/coffee
Visited: Aug 2017

The Mondoli’s Blood is heavy. As in, different from the light-hearted cafes I usually frequent, it’s donned in a heavy dose of dark woods and black, furnished with bugs and skulls and taxidermied foxes and such. Those aside, the coffee is excellent as well. I first tried a pour-over made from Ethiopian coffee beans (so good it gave me the goosebumps), followed by a rich and silky flat white. The Mondoli’s Blood also sells a range of interesting products – candles with unique fragrances, second-hand knickknacks collected from I-don’t-know-where, and even all the taxidermies can be purchased as well, if you so fancy.

The Mondoli’s Blood 是家重口味的咖啡店。重口味指的不是咖啡本身,而是裝潢風格 – 與我平時較常光顧的清新小店不同,這裏以原木和黑色系爲主,陳列著各種動物昆蟲的標本及骨頭。先點了一杯好喝地令人起雞皮疙瘩的埃塞比亞手沖,接著再嚐了一杯順口的 flat white。The Mondoli’s Blood 還售賣不少有趣的商品 - 蠟燭香氛,古董雜貨、動物標本…看得上眼的,你都能買回家。





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Written by sugarednspiced

September 2nd, 2017 at 5:44 pm