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[Chengdu 成都] Small Company

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Small Company

Add: 1F Chengdu Times No. 1, Chengdu / 成都市時代一號一樓
Tel: 13688109298
Hours: ?
Price: ~35RMB/coffee
Visited: Aug 2017

Small Company is a mobile coffee trolley located inside Hug boutique at Chengdu Times No. 1. Hug itself is an interesting space worth exploring – situated on the 1st floor of an office building (very curious choice, indeed), it is a bright and airy fashion select shop with an interesting play on interior space. Take some time to wander and explore its many hidden nooks. As for Small Company, try a cup of their iced latte to cool down this summer heat, takeouts might also be a good idea if you happen to work close by.

說 Small Company 是一家咖啡店其實過于牽強,其實它是一個位于買手店 Hug 的小小 coffee trolley。Hug 本身就很有意思,棲身于辦公樓內,由于四面都是大片的玻璃的關系,空間感覺特別通透。內部設計高低錯落、動線迂回,二樓還有棟梁的店中店,展示著不少中國設計師品牌的作品。Small Company 的咖啡車位于一樓,小小一個很可愛,大片玻璃窗旁的位置充滿了空氣感。可以來喝一杯冰拿鐵降降溫,在附近工作的話也可以叫外送服務。






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