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[Chengdu 成都] Lan’s Patisserie

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Lan’s Patisserie

Add: Shop 113, 1/F, Jingronghui Shopping Mall, Chengdu
Tel: (028) 6465 6619
Hours: 11am-10pm
Price: 120 RMB
Visited: Aug 2017

Lan’s Patisserie, a French style bakery in Chengdu, has been under fire since it opened earlier this year. Some people applaud it as “the best there is in Southwest China”, while others trash it for being “ridiculously overpriced”. Well, there’s no better way to find out than trying it myself…

一般說到成都,腦海裏冒出的不外乎是串串香、擔擔面、麻辣鍋之類的當地美食,不過這篇要介紹的,是看似和成都沒關係的法式甜點店。Lan’s Patisserie 自今年年初開店以來一直備受爭議 - 不少人稱贊它是西南區甜點界的標竿,更多人罵它貴的沒道理,連遠在上海的我都聽過一些故事,讓人十分好奇。正好它就開在這次入住的博舍酒店附近(確切地來說步行7分鍾),找了個下午來吃吃看。




The design is sleek and stylish – geometric shapes, sharp lines, black and white contrast dotted with soft-colored HAY furniture…

Lan’s Patisserie 門面由簡約大方的幾何線條組成,黑白對比強烈,在時髦的太古里周邊仍顯的搶眼(我想應該是成都網紅們拍照最愛的地點之一吧)。室內在黑白背景上再添加了色彩可愛的 HAY 椅子們,好看。


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August 24th, 2017 at 5:09 pm

[Taipei 台北] Quelques Pâtisseries 某某。甜点

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Quelques Pâtisseries 某某。甜点

Add: 34, Lane 102, Section 1, Anhe Road, Taipei
Tel: (02) 2755 4097
Hours: Wed-Sun 1-7pm (closed Mon & Tue)
Price: [pastries] 160-200 TWD [tea] 110-120 TWD
Visited: Jun 2016

There has been a burst in growth of French-style pastry shops in Taipei during the past few years, and actually, quite a few of them were opened by fellow alums from Ferrandi, where I had completed my professional pastry training. On this recent trip back to Taipei, I visited one of them called Quelques Pâtisseries, which literally means “a few pastries” in French. Cute, no?

台北近幾年來法式甜點店一家接著一家開,其中不少是由和我在巴黎同一所學校(Ferrandi費杭第高等廚藝學院)的校友所經營。這次在台北短短幾天,在僅能擠出時間探訪了一家的情況下,我選擇了去年底才開幕的 “Quelques Pâtisseries 某某。甜點”。

L1157260 2

L1157009 2

The shop was started by two girls – Lai, who is in charge of the kitchen, and Jiou Jiou (the cutiepie below), who takes care of everything front of house. I met both of them at Ferrandi, and knowing that they are two perfectionists, it’s no surprise that Quelques Pâtisseries is lovely from head to toe – the interior design, decoration, furniture, and of course, the pastries themselves.

Quelques pâtisseries 法文直譯的意思是 “幾個甜點”,很可愛的名字。負責外場的 Jiou Jiou(下圖裏的小美女)和內場的 Lai 都是我在 Ferrandi 的好朋友,兩個完美主義者組合在一起,也難怪某某從店裝到甜點的每個細節都令人無可挑剔。

L1157223 2

L1157018 2

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August 23rd, 2016 at 12:29 pm

[Paris] Mori Yoshida (3)

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Mori Yoshida

Add: 65 avenue de Breteuil 75007 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 47 34 29 74
Hours: [Tue-Sun] 10am~7:15pm
Price: €3.40~5.80/patisserie
Tasted on: Jun 2015

It’s been over two years since Japanese pastry chef Morihide Yoshida opened his shop in Paris, and it seems like he’s doing quite well. The pastry display is as good-looking as ever – his chaussons aux pommes are especially gorgeous – making it really hard not to leave this place with a little more than originally planned. Here are some recent tastings.




“Érable Caramélisé” (€5.80), a recent addition to Mori Yoshida’s pastry display, is a tart composed of maple syrup caramel cream, maple syrup chocolate mousse, hazelnut biscuit, and hazelnut nougatine. It’s a simple and elegant design perfectly assembled together, though the flavor isn’t an instant hit with me.


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June 15th, 2015 at 11:16 am