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[Shanghai 上海] O.P.S.

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Add: No. 1, Alley 117, Taiyuan Road
Tel: 15618060636
Hours: 10am-6pm
Price: 25-48 RMB/coffee
Visited: Sep 2017

I biked by a tiny cafe on Taiyuan Road the other day on my way out of yoga class, its coffee aroma so alluring that I slowed down to do a double take…Ah ha, another new coffee shop in town.



That in itself isn’t really exciting news, for coffee shops have been popping up non-stop in Shanghai during the past three years, with few leaving a memorable mark in my mind. So I didn’t think much of this new cafe at the time, and biked away without even finding out its name.

近幾年來上海大大小小的咖啡店越開越多,不過能讓人留下印象的倒也沒幾個。不是說新店中沒有好的,而是因爲已有那幾家熟悉、不用多想就能輕松享受的店。所以當我看到這家新店時,心裏飄過一句 “噢,又來了一家“,甚至連店名字都沒看清楚,就加速離開了(一部分原因是因爲當時肚子很餓,趕著去吃晚飯…)


But for some reason, the coffee aroma I’d taken in on this particular afternoon kept wafting in my head, so I finally decided to go back to look for it. On this visit, I found out its name – “O.P.S., a spoonful of curiosity”.

不過也不知爲何,那誘人的咖啡香一直在我腦海裏飄呀飄。于是某個(同樣)風和日麗的午後,我約了朋友又回到了建國西路太原路口,順著馬路找到了這家咖啡店。這次看清楚了名字,是 O.P.S.,下面付著一句 “a spoonful of curiosity”。


Upon entering, it’s easy to see the 10 sqm shop in its entirety. The palette is composed of white, grey, and a soft pinkish orange, pleasant, with no crazy designs or decorations screaming for attention. The barista workstation takes up about half the tiny space, with the rest occupied by a slender bar and two seats by the wall.



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