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[Shanghai 上海] Lady M

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Lady M

Add: LG2-22 International Financial Center, 8 Century Avenue
Tel: N/A
Hours: 10am – 9:30pm
Price: 68-75 RMB/slice of cake
Visited: Sep 2017

The first Lady M in Mainland China opened 2 days ago in Shanghai, and it’s been a crazy ride. The wait is apparently at least 2 hours regardless of when you go – there are people lining up at 8am even though the shop doesn’t open till 10am, and there are ticket scalpers “reselling” cakes at doubled prices…what’s going on?

中國內地首家 Lady M 兩天前在上海開幕,聽說現在排隊等位是兩個小時起跳。明明早上十點才開門,卻八點就已排起了長隊,最久等位三個多小時,現場甚至還出現了黃牛…這到底是什麽情況?


Photo of Lady M New York, via Pinterest

For those who don’t already know, Lady M is a cake boutique founded in New York in 2004, and has been popular for quite some time now. I didn’t find out about it until I moved back to Shanghai from Paris 2 years ago, and didn’t actually taste it until last year in Hong Kong*, where I had three of its famed mille crepes (original, matcha, and chocolate) in one sitting.

*Lady M now has 10 boutiques in the U.S., and locations in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

先說說 Lady M 是誰。這 2004 年起家于紐約上東區的精品蛋糕店已經紅了好幾年,朋友圈裏不少她的忠實粉絲,不過不瞞你說,沒有很跟上潮流的我是兩年前從巴黎搬回上海才第一次聽說 Lady M ,真正吃到則是去年在香港*玩耍的時候。當時一口氣嚐了三款她最付盛名的 mille crepes 千層蛋糕,果然是極致細膩的美味。

*除了美國的 10 家店以外,Lady M 在新加坡、香港、台灣都開了分店,開一家紅一家。


Photo via Lady M

Judging from how popular Lady M is abroad, it’s not hard to predict that it’s going to be a crazy wait at its Shanghai location. Luckily, I got a sneak peek of it during the pre-opening event…

有鑒於 Lady M 在海外的爆紅程度,不難預知到她在上海開幕後也會是一家排隊排到天荒地老的店。很幸運地,我在 pre-opening 活動上得以在人潮湧入之前瞄一眼這裏是什麽樣子…


Lady M Shanghai is located on LG2 of IFC, which lacks the charm of its street-side boutique in New York, but the style remains similar – the decor is kept simple and white, allowing the cakes to be at the center of attention. Lady M creations are a mix of French traditions and Japanese sensibilities, and its two chefs – one French, one Japanese – are in Shanghai at the moment to ensure that the quality is the same as its other branches.

上海 Lady M 開在國金中心的 LG2 層,沒有紐約街邊精品店的那種感覺,不過延續了簡潔純白的風格,把焦點都給了甜點。Lady M 的蛋糕結合了法式的傳統和日式的輕盈,掌管廚房的兩位甜點師也分別來自法國和日本,上海店開幕期間都在這裏助陣,確保品質和其他門店如出一轍。


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