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[Shanghai 上海] Botanist

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Add: 17-2 North Xiangyang Road
Tel: 6433 0538
Hours: 7pm-2am (closed on Mon)
Price: 80-95 RMB/cocktail
Visited on: Apr 2016

So Flask is moving because of land issues (new location TBD), and in the meanwhile their second project has already opened its doors. The new bar is called Botanist, apparently they got the inspiration when watching The Martian, in which Matt Damon plays the role of an astronaut/botanist stranded alone on Mars. It’s just a matter of time before this place gets packed everyday, so let’s go now to see what drinks they’ve got…

之前介紹過的 Flask 因爲地的原因要搬家了,新的地點還未確定,而我爲了將要有一段時間吃不到他們美味 grill cheese sandwich 在難過時,老板們的第二家酒吧已默默開幕。新的店名叫 Botanist,說是看到 “The Martian火星人” 裏 Matt Damon 演的生物學家這個角色時得到的靈感。趁他們剛開幕還不需要等位,先去嚐嚐鮮。




The style of Botanist is completely different from that of Flask – it is not a hidden speakeasy, but rather a street-side bar in plain view. There are floor-to-ceiling windows that can be opened up completely, and there’s a lovely patio bound to be highly sought-after as the weather warms up. True to the “botanist” concept, there are plants everywhere in the space, and not only does that make it all green and pretty,  it actually smells really nice right near the herb wall too. And very importantly, there’s a no smoking policy at Botanist – weee!

Botanist 和 Flas k的風格截然不同,並非隱藏的 speakeasy,而是一目了然的街邊酒吧,有可以整面打開的落地窗和舒服的露台,這個春夏肯定會大受歡迎。利落的線條加上冷色調的白光,走的是有點未來感的設計。以 botanist 植物學家爲概念,空間裏四處都有植物,不僅綠油油的很好看,走近香草牆時真的會聞到淡淡的香味。此外,Botanist 室內禁煙這點更是另我開心。


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April 25th, 2016 at 2:33 pm

[Shanghai] The Press / Flask

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Add: 432 Shanxi Nan Lu, near Fuxing Zhong Lu / 陕西南路432号, 近复兴中路
Tel: 3368 6108
Hours: [The Press] 11am-2am [Flask] 7pm-2am
Price: 35-70 RMB/sandwich, 90 RMB/cocktail
Visited: Nov 2015

You have seen The Press / Flask on my blog when I first visited in February. This wildly successful speakeasy bar has since updated its cocktail list, and also launched a delicious-looking grilled cheese sandwich menu. Time to revisit!


You know the drill – pass through that vintage Coca Cola vending machine on the left, and you will arrive at the hidden bar behind. Flask is one of the hottest speakeasy bars in Shanghai at the moment – I arrived around 7pm for photos of the empty place, and by the time I left around 8pm, it was packed – even on a Tuesday night.


As it was dinner time, I started with the grilled cheese sandwiches. First up was the Flask Melt (60 RMB), a three cheese melt with Bourbon honey glazed bacon on white toast. I liked how they brushed the toasts with garlic butter for that extra layer of aroma, but the sandwich is missing a wow factor…perhaps that could be solved by bringing out more of the Bourbon flavor.


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December 9th, 2015 at 4:53 am

[Shanghai] Flask

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Add: 432 Shanxi Nan Lu, near Fuxing Zhong Lu / 陕西南路432号, 近复兴中路
Tel: 3368 6108
Hours: [Mon-Sun] 7pm-2am
Price: 90 RMB/cocktail
Visited: Jan 2015

A sandwich shop called “The Press” recently opened on Shanxi Nan Lu. Glass façade, sharp concrete corners, neon strip lights that read “get your hands dirty”, a painting of superman munching away, and a vintage coca-cola vending machine. The emptiness and the eeriness of it remind me of Edward Hopper’s paintings, and it’s definitely not a place that you’d voluntarily venture in if you just happen to pass by.


…unless you already know that there’s something curious about this coca-cola vending machine.


Pull open the door and pass through the tunnel hidden just behind. Welcome to Flask, the newest addition to Shanghai’s growing speakeasy scene.


The space is designed by Alberto Caiola. A few prominent features of the interior include the dramatic drop ceiling, a wall of giant whisky bottles illuminated by amber lights, and the sleekly arranged bar itself. More details here.


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January 27th, 2015 at 1:29 pm

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