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[Chengdu 成都] Wuzao Cafe 無早小食

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Wuzao Cafe 無早小食

Add: 5-2 Qinglian Upper Street, Chengdu / 成都市青蓮上街5號附2號
Tel: (028) 8600 8230
Hours: 12-8pm
Price: approx. 60 RMB/person
Visited: Aug 2017

I visited Wuzao on my first afternoon in Chengdu. This little cafe run by two friends –  Rosa and Sharon – is Japanese in style and cute in every corner. I tried the adzuki beans / matcha pancakes with matcha syrup (thick and fluffy, not too sweet), paired with a summer-only iced matcha latte (unfortunately tasted a bit watery). The yuzu chiffon cake sounded charming as well, though I didn’t have room for it anymore after the pancakes – next time. Don’t forget to visit Rosa Books right next door, an independent book shop run by the same owners.

抵達成都的第一個下午就來到無早小食,這家可愛的日式喫茶店裏處處體現了店主們 Rosa 和 Sharon 的用心。到訪時門口的木牌已寫著 “今日主食售罄”,那就來份甜點吧。紅豆松餅搭配宇治抹茶糖漿(做的是日式風格的厚松餅),再加一杯夏日限定的奶蓋冰抹茶(個人覺得茶味奶味再濃一些就更好了)。柚子戚風蛋糕聽起來很誘人,當時怕吃不下所以沒點,現在後悔了。別忘了去隔壁 Rosa Books 獨立書店翻翻雜志雜貨,是同一個老板開的哦。





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September 2nd, 2017 at 4:24 pm

[Hong Kong] Toritama 酉玉

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酉玉 Toritama

Add: G/F, 2 Glenealy, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2388 7717
Hours: 6pm-12am (closed on Sun)
Price: 人均400+港币
Visited: Aug 2016

Tokyo’s Toritama, famous for going beyond the standard chicken skewers with its “beak-to-tail” experience, has settled in Hong Kong on Glenealy. Grill master Hironobu Matsumoto from Japan mans the Hong Kong outpost, bringing his expertise of chicken heart, esophagus, soft chest bone, and gizzard skin (etc. etc.) with him…but first, the meal begins with a selection of homemade pickles, and a small dish of grated daikon topped with a raw quail egg to be eaten on its own, or used as an accompaniment for the skewers.

在東京以 “Nose to Tail”(從鼻尖到尾巴)雞料理出名的酉玉去年在香港開分店,派了在總店工作五年的松本浩暢師傅坐鎮。酉玉在香港可能還未像 Yardbird 那樣衆所皆知,不過去過的朋友都非常喜歡,所以就約在這裏了。


The original Tokyo shop offers over 30 different parts of the chicken, while the Hong Kong outpost does around 24. On the menu there is a handy diagram indicating each of these parts, I was surprised to see that even the tiny chicken butt is divided into three different sections…wow.

菜單上主打的是 ”1 雞 24 味” 的串燒,除了常吃到的部位之外,還有雞冠、雞膝軟骨、雞食道、雞血管、雞肝外層薄衣、雞膊肉、雞心口軟骨、雞心血管、雞膝軟骨、雞小腿肉、雞髀骹肉等共24個部位,據說連小小的雞股也仔細地分成尖股、股皮及上股 3 部分,風味各不相同。我說,也太細了吧…不愧是日本人,真是把雞發揮到了極致。


Toritama uses local free-range chickens for its skewers (all except for the chicken butts), and as each chicken part has its distinct flavor and texture, the grill master uses different seasonings (including a 15-year-old sauce brought in from Tokyo) and grilling techniques to bring out the best of each.



At Toritama, you can either go a la carte or choose from one of the sets – tori (7 skewers, 388 HKD), tama (10 skewers, 388 HKD), and omakase (12 skewers + rice + soup + ice-cream, 588 HKD). We went for the 7-skewer Tori set, and tagged on a few a la carte items at the end.

在酉玉可單點,也可選擇不同的套餐,比如 tori(7串,288港幣)、tama(10串,388港幣)、omaksase(12串+主廚推薦飯料理+雞湯+冰淇淋,588港幣)。我選了 7 串的 tori 套餐,再單點了一些小東西。


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September 26th, 2016 at 11:49 am

[Shanghai] Quan Er 荃二 (2)

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Quan Er 荃二

Add: 1 Alley 76 Wuyuan Road, near Changshu Road
Tel: 186 2165 1927
Hours: [Thu-Fri] 8-10pm [Sat-Sun] 3-10pm (closed Mon-Wed)
Price: varies
Visited: Sep 2015

I had previously told you about 荃二 (Quan Er), a tiny boutique on Changle Road filled with beautiful ceramics and other knickknacks collected from Japan. It has since moved to Wuyuan Road to a bigger and brighter space, with a charming loft design. In case you had missed the info last time, here it is again: I met 文林 (Wen Lin), one of the three shop owners, years ago through a magazine interview. A soft-spoken man from Sichuan, Wen was then the Associate Director of the lifestyle section at Bund Pic and travelled often to Japan for work. Throughout the years, he and his colleagues have accumulated an impressive collection of miscellaneous goods, and decided to open Quan Er to share this with like-minded others.






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October 6th, 2015 at 1:50 pm