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[Shanghai 上海] Jeju Izakaya 倍樂濟州居酒屋

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Jeju Izakaya by Belloco

Add: 1095 Yuyuan Road
Wechat: jejuizakaya
Hours: 6pm~1am
Price: 300~350 rmb/person
Visited: Dec 2017

Jeju Izakaya hides itself in a non-descriptive building on Yuyuan Road. If you didn’t come looking for it, you probably wouldn’t notice its sign on the floor, so discreet that it almost blends into the background…

Jeju Izakaya藏在愚園路上一棟不起眼的小房子裏,若不是專門爲它而來,肯定不會注意到地上那塊幾乎融入到背景裏的門牌…



But go ahead and slide open the heavy metal door to discover this ultra hip Korean izakaya*. The tiny space is not much more than an open kitchen and eight seats around the bar. Reservation must be done via Wechat, and so far it looks like every seat is booked at least two weeks in advance.

*Jeju Izakaya is owned by the same company that operates Belloco and Professor Lee in K 11.


*Jeju Izakaya和Belloco以及K 11裏的Professor Lee是同一個老板經營的喲。


We were first served a sip of house wine upon being seated. The drinks menu lists a good number of whisky and Korean soju high ball options, as well as some beer and wine choices. On another note, the music here is absolutely dope.

入座後,老板會先爲客人倒上一小杯招待的紅酒。酒單上有很多威士忌以及韓國燒酒的highball的選擇,也有一些啤酒和葡萄酒。Btw,這裏的音樂好聽,大大加分 🙌🏼 。


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January 10th, 2018 at 10:15 am