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[Hangzhou 杭州] Fnji Furniture 梵几

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Fnji Furniture

Add: #15 Dongxin Creative Park, 139 Liuhe Road, Hangzhou
Tel: 0571-8896 3099
Wechat: fnjiwx
Hours: 10am-6pm (closed on Mon)
Visited: Mar 2017

When Fnji first opened their living room in Dongxin Creative Park back in 2015, it was pretty much the only thing there. For a furniture brand to choose such a remote location, and to name their space a “living room” instead of a “show room”, you know it’s got quite a character. Last year, I fell in love with their beautiful shop in Beijing, so I made it a point to visit their Hangzhou location on this trip.

聽說 2015 年梵几在東信和創園開幕時,這裏就只有它一家店。會選擇如此偏遠的地方,又將展廳稱爲 “客廳”,這顯然是個很有自己個性的品牌。其實第一次接觸梵几是在北京, 當時就喜歡上了他們含蓄溫潤的風格。雖然杭州店不像北京店有甜點和咖啡(殘念),不過空間和家具都美,值得一訪。





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April 5th, 2017 at 9:26 am

[Beijing 北京] Fnji Furniture 梵几客廳

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Fnji Furniture 梵几客廳

Add: No. 41 Guozijian Street, Beijing
Tel: 010-5367 2899
Hours: 11am-5:30pm (closed on Mon)
Price: drinks 40 RMB+, desserts 35 RMB+
Visited: Sep 2016

Bejing-based Fnji (pronoused “Fanji”) is a furniture brand founded by Chinese industrial designer Gu Qigao in 2000. His pieces, all handmade from wood, make use of the Chinese mortise and tenon joint structure, with designs that bridge between modern and traditional aesthetics. His aspiration? To make furnitures that “age alongside its owners, gaining more character over time as it is passed from one generation to the next”. I visited his showroom in Guozijian and fell head over heels for this beautiful space – it also doesn’t hurt that they have an stylish cafe and a serene courtyard nestled in the back…

梵幾是中國設計師古奇高創立的獨立家具品牌。他們在北京國子監的 “客廳” 融合了中國傳統院落與現代風格,空間分成了雜貨、家具和咖啡三個區域,每一區都是大寫的美。



The boutique showcases designs from both China and Japan, as well as works from Gu himself. The style is simple, stylish, decidedly Asian but with a modern western vibe. No photos are allowed in the showroom so you can either visit yourself and check out their designs online. For now, let’s move over to the cafe. It was very busy when I visited on a Sunday afternoon, and I was fortunate to find the last empty seats in the courtyard.

展廳裡擺放了品牌兩種風格的家具 - 極簡主義,以及線條更爲豐富的新中式風格 - 還有自創的 “生野安室” 雜貨品牌。不過展廳內不能拍照,那就來看看咖啡區吧。我在周日下午人最多的時候造訪,室內座位已全部客滿,還好很幸運的坐到了庭院裡唯一還空著的位子。



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October 12th, 2016 at 11:42 am