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[Sydney] Opera House Tour + Concert

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For those with an appreciation for architecture and music, getting a tour of the Sydney Opera House is a must. I went on the one-hour Essential Tour (29.75~35 AUD), and was so in awe with the history, design, and acoustics of the structure that I immediately bought a concert ticket for the next day so I could experience first-hand what the tour guide was talking about. Best decision ever!

Painting and lightbulbs by Jorn Utzon, the Danish architect who designed Sydney Opera House.

Back at the Opera House the very next day for a Tchaikovsky ballet concert (think Nutcracker and Swan Lake), which turned out to be absolutely amazing. Just sitting in the majestic Concert Hall is an awestrucking experience – the gorgeous wooden paneling, cathedral-like ambience, and breathing acoustics…

No more pictures could be snapped after this as the concert was starting. I highly recommend both getting a tour of the building itself and actually sitting down for a concert. Simply mesmerizing.

Tip: if you are under 30, ask for youth concert tickets!

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August 11th, 2012 at 9:26 am