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[Shanghai] Strictly Cookies

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Strictly Cookies

Add: check website for various locations
Tel: 137-8894-0337
Price: 35 RMB for a pack of 5 cookies
Visited: Jun 2012

My afternoon with Strictly Cookies definitely went overboard. Lexie Comstock, the girl behind the cookies, fed me a total of 9 different varieties – 5 of the regular flavors, plus another 4 of their new ice-cream cookie sandwich creations. I was effectively on a sugar high an hour into these cookies, and in the back of my head I was calculating how many laps I need to run to burn them off, all the while stuffing yet another piece in my mouth because these are so addictingly good. Life of a food blogger, you know, it’s really tough.

First, there are a few classics like the Strictly Chocolate Chip, Call Me Sugar, and Oatmeal Raisin the Roof. No surprises here, just plain awesomeness. The cookies are soft, chewy, sugary in the typical American way – not ideal for the body but does wonder for the mind (because eating these will make you a very happy person).

There are also a few modifications, like the Skinny Chocolate Chip, which has the same recipe as the classic Strictly Chocolate Chip, except it only uses 1/3 the sugar. The sweetness was perfect for me and, because there’s less sugar, the cookie doesn’t flatten out as much when baked, resulting in a more cakey texture.

Then there’s the Unifier, which ingeniously combines a brownie and a cookie – not much, just two of the best things in life. Underneath the thin crust is a gooey heart, so soft it just melts in your mouth.

And all is better when accompanied by a strong and smooth latte by the folks at MQ Coffee. I will have to dedicate a whole separate blog post on this coffee roaster, so wait on it, wait on it.

Or, if the weather these days is too hot and humid for you, go for an ice latte.

I also sampled some ice-cream cookie sandwiches that are being tested but are not yet on the menu. A few combinations they’ve got are: Oatmeal Raisin the Roof with cinnamon gelato, Strictly Chocolate Chip with vanilla gelato, Banana Fever with milk gelato, and Chocolate Peanut Butter with peanut butter gelato. Most interesting for me was the peanut butter chocolate one, though I actually prefer the cookies just by themselves. During the summer time, however, the ice-cream options should be a popular alternative, and you can expect to see them on Strictly Cookie’s website soon.

The aftermath, a beautiful mess. To quote the Cookie Monster: “Ok, little cookie. It’s been nice getting to know you. Buh-bye.”

Strictly Cookies is delivery based, but you can also find them at these locations. The cookies are 35 RMB for a pack of 5 cookies all in the same flavor, and there are assorted cookie baskets in various sizes and prices as well. Details here.

And if you are wondering where this lovely space is, it’s Strictly Cookie’s newly acquired kitchen and hangout space, shared with Spread the Bagel and MQ Coffee.

It’s got comfortable wooden furniture and beautiful natural lighting.

And lovely light bulbs.

Plus a small, lush balcony.

I can’t tell you where this secret hideout is just yet, but here’s hint #1: the way up looks like this. Not helping, I know.

So here’s Hint #2, it’s got a killer rooftop with views like look like this. Now maybe you can find some clues here…

But for now, the location of this space will remain a secret. Get your cookies delivered or get them here!

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