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[Shanghai] Rui Fu Yuan 瑞福園

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Rui Fu Yuan 瑞福園

Add: 132 Maoming Nan Lu, near Fuxing Zhong Lu 茂名南路132号乙, 近复兴中路
Tel: 6445 8999
Hours: 11am-2pm, 5-10pm
Price: approx. 100 RMB/person
Visited: Aug 2012

I figure I should at least have one full-on Shanghainese meal before my departure for Paris, and decided to have the feast at Rui Fu Yuan 瑞福園. Unfortunately the must-order “大黃魚棒打小餛飩湯 yellow croaker soup with pork wontons” was already out by the time we got there, so be sure you either go early or reserve the popular dishes ahead of time. Here’s everything we ordered, all done quite well! Starting with this 黃瓜熗海蜇 marinated cucumber with jelly fish (39 RMB).

白切肚頭 boiled pork stomach (38 RMB).

弄堂烤菜 roasted vegetable (15 RMB).

本幫醬鴨 stewed duck in soy sauce (28 RMB)

香干拌馬蘭頭 chopped dried bean curd with vegetable (15 RMB).

熗腰花 stir-fried kidney (38 RMB)

清炒野生河蝦仁 stir-fried wild river shrimps (98 RMB).

蔥油拌麵 scallion noodles (15 RMB).

帶魚白菜 braised belt fish with cabbage (?? RMB).

農家紅燒肉 braised pork belly (58 RMB).

上湯蘆筍 asparagus in broth (48 RMB).

八寶年糕 rice cake with eight treasures (35 RMB).

蘇北土雞煲黃芽菜湯 Subei chicken soup (78 RMB/half chicken).

蟹粉生煎 pan-fried crab roe pork dumplings (28 RMB/5 pcs).

白酒豆苗 stir-fried pea shoots (58 RMB).

蟹粉小籠 steamed crab roe dumplings (28 RMB/5 pcs).

青菜鹹肉炒飯 vegetable ham fried rice (18 RMB/small, 32 RMB/medium).

酒釀小湯圓 glutinous rice balls with fermented rice (18 RMB/small, 36 RMB/medium).

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