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Add: Building 14, No. 322 Anfu Road
Tel: N/A
Hours: Mon- Wed, Sun 8am-6pm, Thu-Sat 8am-11pm
Price: 35~98 RMB/crepe
Visited: Feb 2017

RAC Bar, brought to us by the same team behind RAC Coffee, opened a few weeks ago in a courtyard on Anfu Road and immediately became one of the hottest spots in Shanghai.

RAC Bar開在安福路上的一個庭院裏,和巷口的RAC Coffee由同一個團隊打造。雖然不是街邊的位置,但這家開幕才兩周的小餐廳已經成爲附近食客們的最愛。


It’s a simple space of cement grey and warm wood, punctuated with a beautiful dark green. Large windows, lots of natural light.

先看一下餐廳設計。RAC Bar簡潔的空間由水泥灰和木頭色爲主,其中穿插著漂亮的深綠色,大片的玻璃窗讓店內通透感十足。



A nice cup of latte (35 RMB) first, straight from RAC coffee.

在窗邊的位子坐下來,點一杯拿鐵 (35 RMB)。咖啡由RAC Coffee窗口送過來,味道很好。


For now the menu is quite short, separated into brunch, sandwiches, galettes & crepes, though RAC Bar is already working on more day items as well as a dinner menu.

餐廳目前的菜單還比較簡短,分爲brunch,sandwiches,以及我個人最期待的薄餅/可麗餅系列galettes & crepes這幾個部分。


For lunch, I started with a “Far West” galette (98 RMB). This savoury whole buckwheat flour crepe, crispy on the side, comes topped with pancetta, egg, cheese, mushroom & cream…a real charmer. For those who used to frequent Far West, the creperie that unfortunately got closed down as part of the whole Farine scandal, this dish might sound and look very familiar. That’s right, RAC Bar is indeed opened by some of the key people from Far West.

正逢午餐時間,我選了一個 “Far West” 鹹薄餅 (98 RMB)。邊緣煎得香脆的蕎麥薄餅上,舖滿誘人的pancetta義大利培根、雞蛋、芝士、奶油蘑菇…如此陽光,看著心情都明亮了,吃上一口更是滿足。Btw,如果你覺得這道料理的樣子和名字都似曾相似,那是因爲RAC Bar團隊裏有些人是從之前受Farine麵粉事件牽連而關閉的可麗餅店Far West出來的。


Don’t forget to pair your galette with a glass of apple cider (35 RMB) from Normandy.

吃galette,別忘了搭配一杯讓美味程度倍增的諾曼第apple cider (35 RMB)


I also tried the bacon egg & cheese sandwich (55 RMB). The buns were buttered and toasted right before being assembled into a sandwich, resulting in a nice little crispy layer. Avocado can be added at additional cost.

也試了三明治系列中的 “bacon, egg & cheese” (55 RMB),喜歡牛油果的話可以選加。RAC Bar的三明治用的是buns(類似漢堡包),在上桌前會抹上黃油並在鍋裏煎一下,趁熱吃有微脆的口感,配上豐富的夾層,很不錯。



Another adorable item to try is the eggs cocotte & dips (45 RMB). A pot of mashed potato topped with house made tomato sauce and a half cooked egg, to be dipped by the accompanying bread strips or simply with a spoon. Salt and pepper to taste.

另一個很可愛的料理是eggs cocotte & dips 法式蛋盅 (45 RMB)。小罐馬鈴薯泥上有自制番茄醬和烤得半熟的日本朝一雞蛋,黃橙橙的蛋黃看著就非常誘人,用脆面包條蘸著吃或直接用勺子挖著吃都ok。調味刻意偏淡,上桌時會付鹽和現磨胡椒,可根據自己的喜好添加。


A meal at RAC Bar wouldn’t be complete without a dessert crepe. I chose the salted caramel crepe (38 RMB), no fuss, it really is just a crepe drizzled with salted caramel, simple and delicious as it should be. With a long shot of espresso, even better.

最後的最後,還是要以一份甜的可麗餅做結尾。我選了鹽焦糖可麗餅 (38 RMB),沒有噱頭,真的就是可麗餅上淋了焦糖醬 - 簡單、樸實、美味。搭配一杯飯後的espresso,剛剛好。


For those looking for healthier options, there are also fruit salads, yogurts, and museli.

如果想要吃的健康一些,RAC Bar也有水果沙拉、酸奶、museli可以選擇。


And, of course, there are wines to be sipped at RAC. There are whole bottles as well as by the glass options, and on Friday and Saturdays, the space turns into a bar featuring natural wines. The dinner menu is being assembled at the moment, I heard hearty things like mac ‘n cheese is on the list.

而且既然是個bar,那麽酒肯定少不了的。這裏有整瓶以及wine by the glass的選擇,在周五周六的晚上會變成個主打natural wine的葡萄酒吧。晚餐菜單雖然還在完善中,但目前應該已經能嚐到一些簡單溫馨的料理。



Two weeks into opening and it’s already doing so well. We can’t wait for more delicious things to pour forth from RAC Bar’s kitchen.

開幕兩周就如此出色,讓人非常期待RAC Bar日後還會推出怎樣的美味料理呀。




營業時間:周一~三,日 8am-6pm 周四~六 8am-11pm

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