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[Shanghai 上海] MAGGIEMAO 蔓茂花廊

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MAGGIEMAO The Floral Art

Add: 233 Anfu Road
Tel: 3363 7113
Wechat: mmartsh
Hours: 12-7pm (closed on Mon)

MAGGIEMAO, a floral gallery hidden in an old apartment building on Anfu Road, is one of those extraordinarily beautiful spaces that has me snapping photos non-stop the moment I step in.

我在安福路上,發現了隱藏在老公寓裏的 MAGGIEMAO蔓茂花廊。這是個會讓人忍不住一直想按下快門的美麗空間,至少我是這樣,在踏入第一步時就無法自拔了。

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Plants are placed on the shelves, on the tables, on the floors, meticulous enough to seem arranged, yet casual enough to retain some of their natural wildness. Sharp geometric lines of the metal shelves contrast beautifully with the sensuous curves of the flowers and leaves, a lovely balance.


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Maggie, the owner of this floral gallery, has been living in New York for almost 10 years. While she was studying accessories design in the Big Apple, a classmate of hers introduced her to the famed Michael George Flowers, and thus began Maggie’s career in floral art.

花廊的主理人 Maggie 在紐約生活了將近十年。她在紐約學習配飾設計時,班上有同學在出名的 Michael George Flowers 花藝公司實習,知道 Maggie 一直對花感興趣,便介紹她一起去了。

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She created this space on Anfu Road, opened just four months ago, to provide floral design service to luxury brands, as well as custom-made bouquets and event floral arrangements for individual customers.





With “home and plants” as the main concept, MAGGIEMAO also functions as an art gallery. During the day of my visit, for example, it was hosting the “New York Flower” exhibition by Jiaxi Yang & Zhe Zhu, a duo of still life photographers based in New York.

蔓茂花廊以家和植物爲概念,不定期還會辦一些藝術展,比如我到訪的當天正展著紐約的攝影師組合楊嘉茜和朱喆的 “New York Flower”。


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Here’s a nice little description on the exhibition from the photographers, unfortunately available only in Chinese…



-Jiaxi & Zhe

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MAGGIEMAO also has an exquisite selection of vintage jewelries placed sporadically in cabinet drawers, to be discovered only by brave ones who dare to dig around. So don’t be shy, let your curiosity take you to these beautiful hidden objects…


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There’s also a cute selection of plants-themed jewelries from Michael Michaud on MAGGIEMAO’s website, do browse around if the following fit your fancy.

蔓茂花廊的網站上也有一系列來自美國珠寶設計師 Michael Michaud 的植物珠寶,造型都唯妙唯俏,精致且低調,有興趣的話去瞧瞧喲。

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Something else you can discover at MAGGIEMAO are candles from Carrière Frères. This brand was started in 1884 by the Carrière brothers in France, and is now the official supplier of candles for Paris’ La Basilique du Sacré Cœur.

另外一個可以在蔓茂花廊淘到的美物,是法國 Carrière Frères 的香氛蠟燭。這個品牌于 1884 年由 Carrière 兄弟創立,現在還是巴黎聖心教堂 La Basilique du Sacré Cœur 的官方蠟燭供應商。

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I’m a fan of Citron de Syracuse by Carrière Frères. Siracusa lemons, 2-3 times the size of normal lemons, are known for their heady citrusy fragrance, golden enough to bright up even the sourest of moods on a cold winter day.

我很喜歡 Carrière Frères 的 Citron de Syracuse。西西里檸檬的尺寸是普通檸檬的兩三倍大,向來以強烈的柑橘香氣著名。在濕冷的冬日點上這個,金黃的香氣足夠讓人心情明亮。




What most people did not know, is that as long as you book in advance, you can also enjoy an afternoon tea at MAGGIEMAO. Sipping tea and eating cakes while surrounded by such beautiful flowers…just the image of it is beyond charming.


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MAGGIEMAO provides tea from Marriage Frerès and Bellocq. Most people might be familiar with Marriage Frerès, I’m a fan myself and often bring back a few jars when I travel to Paris. Bellocq, on the other hand, was new to me, but it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with its bright yellow packaging design.

蔓茂花廊提供的茶,來自法國的 Marriage Frerès 以及美國的 Bellocq。Marriage Frères 大概很多人已經知道了,我自己也是它的粉絲,每次都會從巴黎帶幾罐回來。不過 Bellocq 還是第一次看到,馬上就被它明黃色的包裝給吸引了。

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Bellocq’s founders, Heidi and Michael, have always had a thing for traveling and bringing back tea from each destination to share with one another. This habit became a ritual, a passion, and eventually developed into a tea brand of its own. Bellocq has been garnering fame over the years, and even Tiffany Co. serves Bellocq teas exclusively in their newly opened Blue Box Cafe in New York.

Bellocq 的創始人 Heidi 和 Michael 熱愛旅行,喜歡帶回在當地發覺的特色茶飲與彼此分享。這種習慣漸漸變成一種儀式和熱忱,最後兩人決定自己研發調茶系列,現在品牌的每款茶都是獨家風味。聽說最近 Tiffany & Co. 在紐約旗艦店剛開的 The Blue Box Cafe,用的也都是 Bellocq 的茶呢。

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I first tasted NO. 96 White Wedding, a subtle and elegant white tea blended from jasmine silver tips, jasmine flowers, lavender, red roses, and orange blossoms.

我先試了 NO. 96 White Wedding,這款白茶由茉莉銀針、茉莉花、薰衣草、紅玫瑰、和橙花調成,風味細致優雅,花香迷人而不俗氣。

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Desserts served at MAGGIEMAO are hand-picked by Maggie from one of her favorite pastry shops in Shanghai. After tasting all four options, I preferred the Saint-Honore, assembled from caramelized choux (crispy as they should be) filled with delicious coffee cream.

甜點是 Maggie 從自己試過多家甜點店中挑選而來的,目前有四個品種。 我個人最喜歡的是 Saint-Honore 聖多諾黑泡芙塔,裏面的咖啡卡仕達醬非常香,焦糖泡芙也有該有的脆度。

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Maggie’s favorite, on the other hand, is the Mango Passion Fruit tart, composed of mango mousse and passion fruit jelly.

Maggie 自己則最喜歡由清爽的芒果慕斯和百香果凍組成的芒果百香果慕斯塔。

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There’s also a very cute Vanilla Charlotte, but the taste is just ok.

另外也有很上相的 Vanilla Charlotte 法式香草夏洛特,不過個人覺得味道一般啦。

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Finally, the chocoholics might want to try Montchoc, made from 60% dark chocolate mousse and hazelnut crisps.

最後,巧克力愛好者可以嘗試 Montchoc 黑巧克力慕斯,60%黑巧克力卡慕斯和榛果脆的搭配。

L1193237 2

If you’d like to come for afternoon tea at MAGGIEMAO, make sure you reserve in advance, the price (120 RMB) will include a pot of tea and a piece of cake. On a related note, you can also buy Bellocq teas by the jar if you’d like to take them home.

如果想在蔓茂花廊喝下午茶,記得要提前預定(電話和微信號在文末有付),價位是120元/人,包含一壺茶和一塊蛋糕。順帶一提,如果喜歡 Bellocq 的茶,也可以購買回家享用哦。

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Bellocq’s tea infuser.

Bellocq 的濾茶網也超別致的呀…

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MAGGIEMAO is truly an ideal spot unwind and slow down, even just for a few moments, the busy pace of Shanghai life. Come and stay a while, won’t you?


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電話:3363 7113


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