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[Shanghai 上海] Fumi Coffee

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Fumi Coffee

Add: 215 Fumin Road, near Julu Road
Tel: 5466 6021
Hours: 8am-9pm
Price: [coffee] 20-65 RMB [pastry] 8-42 RMB
Visited: Mar 2016

Brought to you by the owner of Flask (and designed by the same Italian designer Alberto Caiola), Fumi Coffee is a most stylish addition to Shanghai’s booming cafe scene. The eye-catcher of this space is no doubt the wall of Bialetti Moka light fixtures, but everything else – including the black waves hovering up on the ceiling, the sleek metallic tables, stools, counter, and the front window that folds up completely on warm days – has me (and the rest of Shanghai, it seems) falling head over heels.

Another cafe?! 嗯,上海的咖啡店一間接著一間開,不過富民路上這個新成員Fumi Coffee,閃亮的讓你不得不注意它。整個空間的設計 - 包括牆上大大小小的 Bialetti 摩卡壺、天花板的巨型黑浪、銀色鏡面桌椅和工作台、還有可以完全往上收起的大片玻璃 - 都令人驚豔。偷偷告訴你,Fumi Coffee 和陝西南路上的 Flask 是同一位老板,設計師也延用了之前打造 Flask 的意大利事務所 Alberto Caiola。做出來的效果,極酷炫。






Standing behind the counter is Key, a young barista from Hong Kong (half Cantonese half Indonesian, to be exact). He’s been in the coffee industry for 6 years, and was most recently at sfs, a charming little cafe on St. Francis Street in Hong Kong, before moving to Shanghai to head up Fumi. Apparently he also extends his tentacles to fashion, design, and photography when he’s not busy brewing – have a chat with this friendly guy if you are interested to find out more.

店裏的咖啡師是來自香港的Key(准確的說他是香港和印尼混血),年紀看起來很小,不過從事這個行業已經6年了。爲了 Fumi 搬來上海之前他在香港 St. Francis 街上的 sfs 咖啡店工作,聽說不做咖啡的時候還喜歡弄弄時尚、設計、攝影。現在一切都流行跨界?




Other than the classics (espresso and its milk variations), Fumi also offers a range of “Fumi Signatures” coffee inspired drinks. On a few separate visits, I have tried the “Matcha Matcha” matcha mocha (38 RMB) as well as the “Snow White Mocha” white chocolate strawberry mocha (38 RMB), which were both interesting as I haven’t previously had these combinations…though I personally still prefer the classics – like a good old latte – which are done very well at Fumi.

Fumi 除了有常見的意式濃縮、拿鐵、手衝等,也有一些 “Fumi Signatures” 特調咖啡。我試了 “Matcha Matcha” 抹茶摩卡和 “Snow White Mocha” 白巧克力草莓摩卡(各38元),都是之前沒有嚐過的有趣組合,不過我個人還是比較喜歡這裏經典的品項,比如拿鐵。


There’s also a Tasting Combo Set (55-65 RMB) which includes an espresso, a piccolo latte, and a filter coffee. The price depends on the beans, which can be either Fumi House Blend (a mix of beans from Brazil and Colombia) or different single origins. Pastries are from Dutch Pies and one of the baristas’ girlfriend, for now, though it seems like the team is still exploring other options.

Tasting Combo Set(55-65元)包括一杯意式濃縮、一杯 piccolo 短笛拿鐵、和一杯手沖咖啡,價格根據豆子而不同。我嘗的是Fumi House Blend(巴西和哥倫比亞的混合),另外也可以選擇一些單品豆子。甜點目前來自 Dutch Pies 和其中一位咖啡師的女朋友,不過他們好像還在找更適合的合作。


On the ice coffee end, there are also a few Fumi Signatures like the Coconut Cold Brew, or this Shakerato Fizz (38 RMB) made from shaken espresso, ice cubes, sparkling water, with a bit of vanilla syrup – good reasons for looking forward to the summer. There is also Nitro Coffee (38 RMB) which is apparently like beer…except it’s coffee…I haven’t yet tried, but it sure sounds intriguing.

冰飲的部份,Fumi Signatures 有 “Coconut Cold Brew” 椰子水冰咖啡和 “Shakerato Fizz”(38 元),由冰搖過的意式濃縮、冰塊、氣泡水、和一點點的香草糖漿組成,太適合夏天了。還有一款 “Nitro Coffee” 紮咖啡,聽說像啤酒…但是是咖啡…總之我還沒喝過,聽起來有點奇妙。





Cups from Loveramics, a chic ceramics brand from Hong Kong.

店裏的杯子用的是來自香港的 Loveramics


What’s the wait? Go.




Fumi Coffee

電話:5466 6021

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