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[Shanghai 上海] Daimon Bistro 廚魔館

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Daimon Bistro

Add: 6F, 20 Guangdong Lu, Shanghai
Tel: 5383 2031
Hours: 6pm~12am
Price: 300~350 rmb/person
Visited: Nov 2016

Bo Shanghai‘s neighbor Daimon Bistro is also presented to the Shanghai dining crowd by chef Alvin Leung, but in terms of price point it’s much easier to swallow (around 300 rmb/person) for its fine dining other half. The design inspiration comes from Hong Kong’s Kowloon Walled City – pawnshop at the entrance, purple neon lights, walls full of graffiti, waiters dressed in cop and gangster outfits – all the details chip in for the wild and raucous ambience at the bistro.

Bo Shanghai 的鄰居 Daimon Bistro 同樣出于 Alvin Leung 之手,是(以外灘來說)價格親民的餐廳。設計靈感來自香港 “三不管” 九龍城寨,入口處的當鋪、紫色暧昧燈光、滿牆壁的塗鴉,各種細節營造出混亂市井的氛圍,連服務員都穿的像警察和流氓(金項鏈好閃)。




The bar area, using bamboo to mimic the scaffoldings in the Walled City.




As this is designed to be a casual bistro, plates and utensils are simply placed on the tables for guests to grab, just like in an old cha chan teng. And yup, that is Alvin Leung himself on your water cup.

餐具像在老式茶餐廳一樣擺在桌上讓客人自己拿。喝水用的是搪瓷杯,上面的頭像…是 Alvin 本人無誤。



While waiting for my friends, I decided to start drinking first. Other than classic cocktails, Daimon Bistro also has an array of Chinese tea and Hong Kong beverage-inspired cocktails, such as this Vitasoy (80 rmb) composed of Genever, Vitasoy, agave syrup, Grand Marnier, Disaraonno, and Sago. It might look innocent, but it’s awfully strong.

等朋友的時間,我決定先開喝。Daimon Bistro 除了有經典的調酒外,也有不少融入了香港傳統飲品或著中國茶元素的創意,比如這瓶看起來很無辜的維他奶(80元),混合了荷蘭琴酒,龍舌蘭糖漿,杏仁味利口酒,和橙味利口酒,是個足以讓人頭暈的東西。



Likewise with my friend’s Muddy Water (70 rmb), composed of Havana 3, Disaronno, Hong Kong milk tea, sugar syrup, and tapioca.

朋友點的 “長江水”(70元),看起來像是珍珠奶茶,不過其實也是酒精味濃烈的一杯。


In terms of cuisine, Daimon Bistro does Cantonese food with a twist. We started with chili crab xiaolongbao (38 RMB/3 pcs), which was quite delicious though unfortunately the skin and much of the soup was lost…

料理方面,Daimon Bistro 做的是亞洲風味的粵菜。我們從點心開始吃起,先點了辣椒蟹小籠包(38元/3粒)。夾起來時皮已破(而且連續幾個都如此),心疼那流失的湯汁,邊碎碎念著邊將小籠包放入嘴裏。哦?味道真好,如果皮沒破肯定更棒吧。


Cuttlefish, kaffir lime leaf mayo siumai (38 rmb/4 pcs). Instead of siumai, these look more like cuttlefish balls…cute and quite tasty too.



Miu choy foie gras potstickers (58 rmb/3 pcs), good concept, but a tad bit too greasy. On a related note, these remind me of the kimchi foie gras mandoo from Chi-Q.



BBQ pork milk bun with mexican topping (28 rmb/2 pcs). The bun is soft pillowy and butter, would perhaps be even better with more of a chew. The bbq pork filling was sweet to the right degree, my fellow Cantonese diner approved as well.




One of my favorite dishes from these few visits to Daimon Bistro is this fried chicken with Hong Kong egg waffle and Gung Bo Sauce (138 rmb). This is Alvin’s version of chicken & waffle, crispy and juicy, with spicy Gung Bo sauce and freshly baked egg waffle…yum.

前後來 Daimon Bistro 幾次,最喜歡的就是這道炸雞塊香港雞蛋仔佐宮爆糖漿(138元)。這是廚魔版本的 chicken & waffle,炸雞的皮脆,汁多,搭配宮保雞丁味的醬料和現烤的雞蛋仔,好吃,必點。


Sweet & sour short rib with ginger slaw, tiger chilies, hawthorn, and lemon grass (188 rmb). I’ve tried this dish twice, the first time it had the perfect lean-fat ratio and finger-licking good flavor, but the second time so fatty that it was impossible to finish.



Whole roasted cherry duck, cucumber, leeks, beet & pancakes, with sour plum hoisin sauce (158 rmb). This is one of Daimon Bistro’s signature dishes, but I was too full by this point to really enjoy it (sorry little cherry ducky).



Favorite dessert was corn bread waffle with drunken strawberries, brown butter ice cream (68 rmb).



The other two desserts were less memorable, such as this coconut creme brulee with sour cherry ice-cream and dehydrated raspberry meringue (68 rmb).



Dark chocolate brownie with ginger ice-cream (68 rmb).



On another visit, I tried a couple of “Chinese Tapas” on the menu, and among them I quite enjoyed the seafood laksa steamed egg with crispy shallots (78 rmb). I’ve had various versions of laksa before, such as laksa noodles or laksa fried rice, but steamed egg was a first and it’s was really quite delicious with the crispy shallots.

另一次來,專門試了一些菜單上的 “Chinese Tapas 中式塔帕斯”,其中比較喜歡的是海鮮叻沙蒸蛋、脆炸幹蔥(78元)。之前也吃過不少改版叻沙,比如叻沙炒面或叻沙炒飯,不過蒸蛋倒是第一次,加上干蔥的酥脆口感,不錯。


King fish ceviche with baby pink radish, honey peas, avocado cream, crispy rice, “jolo” buetter (98 rmb).



5 spices ox tongue, herbe de provence, Sichuan green sauce, pickled cucumber (68 rmb), reminiscent of the duck liver / lavender jelly combo from Bo Shanghai.

五香鹵牛舌,普羅旺斯川味香草青醬,腌酸黃瓜醬(68元)。有點讓我想到 Bo Shanghai 的鹵鵝肝佐薰衣草凍那微妙的組合。


Other than the above three, I didn’t quite enjoy the rest of the tapas, such as this yellow fin tuna tartar, son-in-law egg, sesame, tamarind (98 rmb).

除了上面這三道 tapas 之外,其他就不特別喜歡了,比如這個黃鳍金槍魚塔塔,女婿蛋,芝麻,羅望子醬(98元)


Tiger skin chili nachos, sour cream, cheese, tomato, Chinese “lobster sauce” (68 rmb). The nachos were very greasy and were topped with almost nothing – probably the most disappointing dish of the evening.

虎皮青椒玉米脆餅、酸奶油、芝士、西紅柿、配中式黑豆汁(68元)。玉米餅非常油膩,上面堆疊的料少的可憐,完全不是想象中 nachos 應該有的澎湃模樣,是當晚點到最令人失望的一道菜。


Soft shell crab bibimbap, house kimchi, egg, rumpa gochujang (118 rmb). The soft shell crab was nicely done, but the bibimbap was missing its most important element (in my opinion) – the crispy burnt rice at the bottom! Sad.



Daimon Bistro has been up and running for about a month now. There seems to be some consistency issues as is typical for new restaurants, but overall it’s an interesting place worth trying (and with a price point of 300 rmb/person, it’s really not too bad). My personal favorites were the bbq pork milk buns, fried chicken egg waffles, and cornflour waffles – don’t miss these if you come.

新店開張,總是有好有壞。Daimon Bistro 正式營業不到一個月,水准有些不穩定,不過前後來吃過幾次的感覺是有趣好吃的,適合喜歡嘗鮮的人來試試(而且人均300多元,試得起)。個人最推薦的是墨西哥牛奶叉燒包、炸雞雞蛋仔、和玉米華夫餅,如果來的話不要錯過這幾道。特別是那炸雞,想到就流口水…


Daimon Bistro 廚魔館

電話:5383 2031

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