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Chez Maurice

Add: 泰安路50號2樓
Tel: 6229 9668
Hours: Mon-Fri 5:30~10:30pm, Sat-Sun 11:30am~2:30pm, 5:30~10:30pm
Price: average spend 400 RMB/person
Visited: Nov 2017

I’ve written about this French bistro on Tai’an Road when it first opened, and in the blink of an eye it’s been almost two years, oh my. Chez Maurice is known for their excellent execution of traditional French charcuterie taught by Monsieur Maurice , a French grandpa whose family has been in the meat business for generations. This time though, I came specifically to try their new winter dishes.




Laguiole steak knives, how very conveniently placed.



Carpaccio de Chevreuil (108 RMB), venison carpaccion with horseradish aioli, parsley, pine nuts, and black truffle. Beautiful color and delicious gamey flavor.

前菜的生薄鹿肉 (108 RMB) 擺盤漂亮,鹿肉質細嫩帶有野味,搭配山葵醬、歐芹、松仁和黑松露,好好好。


Salade d’Endives (78 RMB), a nice toss of endives, Fourme d’Ambert cheese, watercress, kale, green apple, and honey-glazed nuts. A comforting wintry salad, and very smart of the kitchen to use Fourme d’Ambert as opposed to Roquefort, which is probably too strong for many people’s palate here in Shanghai.

藍紋芝士玉蘭菜沙拉 (78 RMB),混合了玉蘭菜的水嫩、芝士的濃郁、青蘋果的酸甜、和核桃的焦脆。店家選擇了比較柔和的fourme d’Ambert而非口味更重roquefort,應該比較多人能夠接受。


Unfortunately the main course Darnes de Wakayama Blue Fin Grille (318 RMB) had an unpleasant fishy taste. The matsutake mushroom sauce on the side was delicious, but not enough to salvage the dish.

可惜的是主菜烤金槍魚 (318 RMB) 有點腥了。一旁的松茸醬雖然美味,但並無法拯救這道菜。


Our other main course, the very classic Pot au Feu (288 RMB), was delicious though. It came with a caramelized piece of bone marrow which, when spread over a piece of toast, was just heavenly. The melting beef and winter vegetables were also satisfying, especially when accompanied by sips of red wine.

另一道主菜pot au feu蔬菜炖牛肉(288元)則深得我心。牛骨髓的焦香抹在面包上無比迷人,炖地軟爛入味的牛腱以及冬季蔬菜也都非常美味。熱騰騰地上桌,完全就是我心目中理想的冬日料理…一口牛肉一口酒,美哉。



If there’s room for more, try Noix de St. Jacqes Hokkaido (128 RMB), Hokkaido scallops baked with mushrooms, its natural sweetness enhanced rather than overshadowed by a thick layer of corn bechamel sauce.

如果還有胃的話,可以加點一份烤扇貝 (128 RMB)。這是一道挺常見的料理,不過Chez Maurice用的北海道扇貝非常鮮甜,搭配的玉米白汁襯托而非掩蓋了食材本身的美味。


For desserts, I enjoyed the Tarte Tatin (58 RMB) – crumbling tart shell topped with sweet and sour caramelized apples, perfect with a dollop of super rich creme fraiche. The fraisier was disappointing though, I guess it’s not the right season for strawberries yet.

甜點推薦蘋果塔 (58 RMB) - 塔皮酥脆、焦糖蘋果酸甜,搭配濃郁的creme fraiche剛剛好。草莓慕斯蛋糕就一般了,想想現在也還沒到那個季節。


There are a couple of other enticing winter dishes on Chez Maurice’s menu, and I’ve already set my mind on the slow-cooked beef tongue, the braised lamb shoulder, and the orange duck for my next visit…

翻看Chez Maurice的菜單,還有好多其他吸引人的冬季菜色。下一次,想來試試慢炖羊腱、慢炖牛舌、香橙烤鴨胸…


Chez Maurice

電話:6229 9668
營業時間:周一-五5:30~10:30pm,周六日11:30am~2:30pm, 5:30~10:30pm


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